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SEO Ranking Factors You MUST Master To Rank In Google

Good SEO is paying attention to all the details that most bloggers ignore. — Ryan Biddulph

SEO Ranking Factors You MUST Master To Rank In Google
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SEO is crucial for every website, whether you have a blog or a product website. You have to do SEO to increase your traffic. one of the best things about SEO is that it doesn’t require you to spend money to reach your target audience.

If you use the best SEO practices and work hard in SEO. You can get thousands of traffic without spending money.

Most websites do keyword research and other on-page SEO factors. Although, they are necessary. But doing only those will not make your website rank higher on Google.

You have a website, and you did all the on-page SEO ranking factors. But still, you won’t get ranking on Google? You have to master these SEO ranking factors to rank in Google.

Without these SEO ranking factors, it will be impossible for you to rank on Google, and maybe that’s why you aren’t ranking on Google because you don’t practice these SEO ranking factors.

So let’s learn some of the SEO ranking factors that can rank you higher on Google.


1. User experience

88% of online shoppers say they wouldn’t return to a website after a bad user experience. User experience plays a crucial role in ranking your website on Google.

If Google ranks you on a keyword and sees that audience are quickly quitting on your website.

Google will recognize that people don’t get a good user experience, That’s why the audience is not staying on this website. So Google will quickly drop your ranking more and more if more people will instantly leave your website.

If Google recognizes that people are staying longer on your website. It indicates a good sign, indicating to Google that people are getting what they want. That’s why people stay on a website, so Google increases your ranking more as more people stay longer on your website.

If you provide the audience with what they want, it will be good for your SEO ranking as well because the more people will stay on your website, the more Google will see it as a positive sign and will increase your SEO ranking.

If you work on your website design to increase user experience, do things that give the audience a good user experience. They will stay longer on your website.

If you work on improving your user experience. It can make a big difference in your SEO ranking.

2. High-quality content

In 2011, you can rank on Google even if you have mediocre content. But today, there is no chance that Google will rank you on search results with mediocre content.

Google wants to rank to a website that provides high-quality content to the audience and solves audience problems more efficiently than any other website.

If you provide people with the most valuable content on a particular topic. Also, your content is better than any other website.

You will have a higher likelihood to rank on that topic because you solve the audience problem more effectively than any other website and, that’s what Google wants the website to do to rank on Google.

But how can you create high-quality content on your website?

These are some of the best steps to creating high quality. Make sure you apply them to your content.

Research what other websites are already published and see how you can provide more value

You have to know what other websites published on the same topic because it can give you an idea about how you can provide more value than any other website, which is important.

After all, if you won’t provide more value on your content than other websites, then why does Google ranks you on top search results?

Google will only rank websites on top search results which provide more valuable content to the audience.

Use Proper Formatting for Readability

If you are writing content, you want people to read, so make your content simple and more readable for the audience. Make sure you don’t use any buzzwords that confuse your audience.

Add research studies to the content

When you back your claims with research studies, It will increase the Audience’s trustworthiness because you are not only giving them a claim. But you are giving them proof about your claim that builds trust in the audience.

Make Topics Unique by Adding Your Perspective

You have to give your perspective on a particular topic. So it makes your content unique because you give people a unique perspective, which increases content quality.

You can give them your example or any special tips and make your content unique from other content.

Diversify with Multimedia Content

Today, people are more likely to read your content with visual content. Humans are visual creatures. You have to provide visual content. So the audience engages with your content.

If you want to explain the difficult concept in simple terms. You have to use images and infographics on your content. Visuals can be a great way to explain concepts in simple terms.

Some of the types of multimedia content that you can include are.

  • Screenshots
  • Photos
  • Infographics
  • Charts
  • Videos
  • Gifs
  • Memes

Review and Edit Before Publishing

Sometimes when you are writing content, you forget something to include or make a mistake, but you didn’t realize it. So it is better to review it first and edit your content to improve content quality before publishing it.

Use Analytical Data to Measure Content Performance

If you use Google Analytics, you know how your content is performing and what types of content are performing well. You can understand what your audience wants and create more content on that topic.

3. Page Speed

Nearly 70% of consumers admit that page speed impacts their willingness to buy from an online retailer. Pagespeed is crucial because it impacts how Google will rank your website.

For example, if you have a website that loads in 1 second. Then the audience will more likely come to you because you are not only giving people what they want, But you are giving as fast as possible.

Which makes them satisfied, and that’s why Google makes page speed a ranking factor.

If you have a website that takes 10 seconds to load. No matter how much value you provide on your website.

Most people will never come to your website because you give them a terrible experience the first moment they open your website.

If you have a website that loads fast, then Google will more likely give you a higher ranking on Google because they know page speed plays a big role for the audience.

Google wants to give a high ranking to websites that provide great content. But it also has fast page speed.

You can use Google page speed insights to see if your website is fast or not. Google page speed insights also give some solutions to speed up your website.

Google page speed insights
Photo by Justin Morgan on Unsplash

Sometimes the website loads slowly because of image file size. You upload an image on your website which has a big size that slows your website speed.

You can use Tinypng to compress your image file size without compromising quality.

If you are on WordPress, You can use smush to compress your image file size without compromising quality.

4. Backlinks

Top results on Google’s first SERP have 3.8 times more backlinks than those below them. When different websites link to your website, that’s called backlinks.

Backlinks indicate to Google how many other websites trust your website. If other websites are linking more to your website.

It indicates to Google that you are providing something valuable. That’s why most websites link to you. So Google will increase your ranking on top search results.

More than 66% of pages have zero backlinks pointing to them. If backlinks can increase website traffic and ranking. Then why do most websites don’t build backlinks for their website?

Building backlinks are not that easy. That’s why few websites do and, they get the ranking on Google.

Building backlinks requires hard work and persistence. It isn’t something like on-page SEO that you do on your website.

But if you do the hard part of SEO that most websites don’t do. Then you more likely will rank higher on Google because you did what most websites aren’t willing to do.

Getting backlinks from any website doesn’t mean that it provides the same value to your website.

Backlinks from a website with high domain authority and more traffic will give you more value than ten backlinks from a website with low domain authority and low traffic.

Always make sure that you get backlinks from websites within your industry because these backlinks provide more value to your website.

Do and no-follow backlink

No-follow backlinks don’t provide value to a website, whereas do-follow backlinks provide value to your website.

Make sure whenever you pitch other websites for backlinks, ask them if they provide do follow or no follow backlinks. So you dont waste your time for no-follow links.


Although there are many things you need to do in SEO, These are the crucial SEO ranking factors. Without them, you can’t rank higher on Google.

These SEO practices will make a big difference in your overall SEO. Some SEO practices require less work and, some require more work.

But you have to optimize for all the SEO ranking factors because you more likely rank higher on Google.




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