Seven Steam-Off-Blowing Things I Do Instead of Sending That Angry Text Message

Never text while drunk, upset, or heartbroken!

Tristan Tell


Man screaming into phone
Moose Photos via Pexels

I get it, I get it. You are upset. And rightly so!

Whether your better half forgot your anniversary, your boss wants you to work on your day off, or your best friend forgot to invite you to their birthday party — you are furious.

The logical thing to do now is to send them a hefty text message to let them know how you feel! Right?


It is the worst thing you could do. I know how badly you want to get it off your chest. But sending a loaded text message will only escalate the situation. Also, I don’t know how many times I’ve regretted sending such a message.

Because here’s the thing: While it is true that „what’s done cannot be undone“ (Shakespeare), it is even truer that „what’s been sent cannot be unsent“ (me)! (Unless you delete the message in time, of course).

That’s why I follow a rule of thumb for texting in heated moments: DUH!Never text while Drunk, Upset, or Heartbroken. (You also should never text while driving, but that’s a different story).

Easier said than done. When you are out of your mind (i.e. in emotional turmoil or under the influence)…