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Share Snippets of Life to Manage Emotions

Telling my stories provides power over past experiences

Photo by Evelyn Clement on Unsplash

No, not the snippets like the image above — short stories about life experiences. We all reminisce about past events. Often we dream of revisiting a favorite place or reliving a moment. Writing makes this vicariously possible for the author. Reading welcomes others to travel along into the past.

Every dreamed of the opportunity to take control of your emotions from the past?

That’s what I do when I write, find the humor.

I thumb my nose at a challenge, or simply find the humor and laugh through the tears.

Laughter makes every situation bearable and mines the memories to find the gold. -Brenda Mahler

Once upon a time, memories made me cry but then I learned how to frame them and identify the positive. Now, even the painful memories bring a smile to my face.

Laugh at age; it softens the wrinkles

As Dad and Mom aged, their physical bodies weakened, but they found the humor. I remember them telling me when they go to bed, they leave more on the dresser than they take with them — hearing aids, false teeth, wig, glasses . . .

They became my role models for aging and now that I am 60, I am channel their strength and humor daily.

Forgive yourself through humor

I have the world’s worst memory for important dates. In fact, for years my husband had to remind me of our anniversary. So, it was no suprise when I forgot his birthday. When my beloved could have been hurt, he made a joke of the situation — one of the reason I love him.

Humor heals pain quicker than sorrow

Nobody wants to be the butt of the joke which happens when we take ourselves too seriously. When I tripped on a rug and fell, I knew I would be teased but by turning the tables and laughing at myself, friends and family were laughing with me not at me.

Laughter is a survival strategy at the worst of times

When my daughter suffered a stroke, it would have been easy for her to give up, cry and feel sorry for herself. Three years later, she still struggles with communication, has no use of her right arm, and walks with a limp.

Humor pushed her through both the trauma of the moment and the daily struggles.

Grant yourself permission to laugh and cherish the memories

Life will present challenges. Pain will occur. Some days we will want to give up. However, I have found when I can find the humor, even when laughter seems inappropriate or is buried, life is manageable.



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