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Shocking Revelations Of The Lote-Tree!

I will explain that secret sometime but I forget to tell it!

That why is a dead body washed with lote leaves? by washing I mean giving a bath to the dead body.

Lote tree leaves are boiled and after boiling those leaves in water the bath is given to the dead body with that water.

Sidra… Sidrat-al-muntaha:. There will be a lote tree in paradise too.

it is there. They will be present over there but they won’t have thorns. It will be a lote tree of Allah's power/nature.

There is a lote tree in the world. On each and every lote tree. Those eyes which have seen jinns. I am telling about eyes which have seen it.

It is impossible that there is a lote tree and no jinns are present on it but only the righteous, noble jinns will live there, virtuous jinns will live there. Let me explain the act related to the lote tree. Let me give this as a gift.

Take 40 leaves of a lote tree. Recite the first kalima (La ilaha illa-llah, Muhammadu-rasulu-llah) 3 times on each leaf recite it 3 times on each lote tree and boil them in water. Add more water in that water and take a bath with it.

Whoever will take a bath with it will get rid of incurable diseases. First (benefit). He will get rid of magic. Second (benefit). He will get rid of jinns. Third (benefit). He will get rid of the severe evil eye, fourth (benefit).

Even if the evil eye so envious that it has decayed his bones and, muscles and destroyed each and every part of his body.

This person will be cured completely. Whoever will take a bath with the leaves of the lote tree continuously for a few times.

Let me explain the process once more. Take 40 lote leaves, the world is listening to me. If you are unable to find lote leaves anywhere. From Pakistan, India Africa all these countries have plenty of lote trees. If any country doesn’t have a lote tree then get the dried leaves.

and if they break, it is fine. Take 40 leaves by estimation and recite the 1st kalima (La ilaha illa-llah, Muhammadu-rasulu-llah) 3 times on each leaf. It is not difficult at all. This act only takes 9 to 10 minutes at most.

You have permission for this act.

I have permission from elders, as a mail carrier. you have permission for this act. Do not stop doing this act.

Okay so, let’s do it this way. Do it once a week. Do it once a month. like prophet PBUH said to Hazrat abbas R.A that you may pray salatul tasbeeh once a lifetime once a year, once a month, or once a week. Likewise, you should definitely do this act.

Blessings from the lote tree leaves and virtuous benefits of the first Kamila gives unique effectiveness. It has distinctive benefits. We have references from books, Our saints and elders about this act.

References are present for this act.

These are some goodnesses that are unseen. There is some barakah that cannot be seen apparently, but they do have barakah and goodness in them.

They have such kind of barakah and goodness in them nobody can imagine.

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