Silly Reasons Why We Haven’t Built That Space City Yet

It’s a matter of priorities, not resources

Bernie Robert
May 13 · 3 min read
Image source: Unsplash

Humans have been dreaming of inhabiting space since we got there. But there are many reasons we haven’t done so—and none of them are good enough.

Just empty space

It’s been a while since my alien friends came over, and I’ve missed them a lot. They’ve been visiting nearby civilizations—nearby! — and they have a lot of stories to tell me.

Turns out humans are being outdone in the intergalactic Space Race. Other species have thriving moon colonies and massive orbiting structures. One species has colonies on seven planets—seven. All we have are a few satellites and a hodgepodge Space Station. In fact, a majority of Earth’s orbit is still virgin, empty space.

Obviously, world governments and billionaires (except Elon, of course—he’s my favourite) have different reasons for not doing cool stuff in space. I’m gonna mention each one, and then I’ll crush them to smithereens.

1. “It’s too expensive"

This one always cracks me up.

Remember the Cold War? The time the government decided that $8T of taxpayers' money was best spent playing games with Russia? Of course, there was no money back then.

Okay, they did put humans on the Moon, but the Florg and I think a lot more could have been done. We already had the technology, so wy didn’t we?

In today’s world, money is still not an issue. NASA’s Perseverance rover proves that there is still enough left in the budget for space exploration. Billionaires are also willing to put some cash on the (space) table.

There’s more than enough money.

2. “It’s not important”

Another excuse.

If establishing an off-world civilization, showcasing our genius to the Universe, and building huge structures isn’t important, then what is?

When it comes to problem-solving, science had always had solutions. Though it’s unlikely, the solutions to modern challenges like clean energy, world hunger, poverty and disease may lie amongst the stars. It couldn’t hurt to start looking.

Space is literally the next frontier. After we’re done with Earth, we will look outward someday. The Florg can see that we still have a lot of problems to deal with (ehem, pandemic), but space should still be a priority.

3. “We can always do it later”

The Florg chuckle at this.

Humans on Earth are living on borrowed time. We could be facing a planet-scale climate disaster, a huge economic collapse, or, for dramatic effect, a deadly solar flare.

It’s not wise to put all your eggs in one basket. All of humanity’s eggs are in one basket—Earth.

It’s a good thing we’re getting started with Mars. With dedicated effort, and some innovation, it could one day serve as an alternative to Earth.

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