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The compendium of verses and rhymes of a poem has to awaken some feeling within you. Many times they do, it is their job. You learn to see the beauty of life when you read poems, it is as if your reality is transformed for a moment and then you realize that it is not reality that has changed, it is your vision of the world. And it is a very beautiful feeling, something as if happiness runs through your entire body.
Make no mistake, it is nothing like drugs, it is something better, much better since it does not cause harm. Although that feeling is not eternal, you have to keep reading poems to make it more and more lasting. They say that when a person reads a book, they are never the same again and I think the same thing happens with poems.
There are great writers such as José Luis Borges or Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer who make you find that spark in their poems that leaves anyone speechless, thus managing to impregnate you with the aforementioned sensation, something that has a lot of merits, since only a few verses have managed to achieve such thing.

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Apart from established writers, we also have the help of technology. Some people, usually not very old, publish their poems on mobile phone applications or web pages, something that gives them hope of feeling like a great writer inside.

If what you want now is to read poems, I warn you that you can get lost with the immensity of types of poems that there are. Nowadays, the most likely thing today is that you will find a type of poem that is the one that reigns in these times, the so-called Haikú. A haiku is a very short type of oriental poem, in which there are only three sentences. And, according to personal taste, they are the worst, that kind of poems that, despite not being ugly, have no background whatsoever, they fail to convey anything to me. I would start by reading from the authors mentioned above.
If, on the other hand, writing is your thing, I warn you that the novice poet simply wants to write poems, without worrying about the length of the verses or the musicality present in them, since he simply wants to convey emotions. So I started myself. Later you will have time to worry about all the aspects that the poem implies. At the moment he reads many and writes more.
Anyone can be a poet if we stick to this, so we have to create our style, which is recognizable. What if they give someone our poem without the author, they know that it is ours because of how it is written, something, on the other hand, difficult to achieve. One thing that helps me a lot is having a muse; something or someone that inspires you to put your thoughts on paper. I think he is a fundamental figure.
Also remember that being sad or angry, feelings also come to the surface, or at least in my case. It will make it easier for the ideas to flow in your mind, thus helping you to capture exactly what you want on paper since many times it is difficult to capture your exact ideas and it remains in abstract writing.

The most important thing when writing is not to rush and wait for inspiration to come. If you don’t, you will get a mess. Never force yourself to write, it is preferable to read if you are short of ideas.
Perhaps you still do not know it, but I assure you that you will not find greater satisfaction and self-fulfillment than what one feels after writing a good poem, I say this from experience. It doesn’t need to be good objectively, it is worth it if one feels that it is good. Do it. And read. A lot.


As I have said before, poetry is based on a certain musicality that sees the light once its words are pronounced, and thinking about the concept of music, isn’t music a poetic letter with a base that has a certain rhythm? If we follow this current of thought, poetry would also be necessary to write musical lyrics.
The lyrics that seem almost poetic to me belong to a singer who has 3 bands and also writes the lyrics himself, Maynard James Keenan.

Life without music would be a mistake.

This phrase by the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche occupies a space in the hearts of the world.

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Why? Well, as we all know, life is not easy and even for some people, it is torture. Music gives the world an atmosphere with fantastic overtones to which poetry puts the icing on the cake. Or has it not happened to you that you are listening to music and suddenly you get lost in it?
Returning to the subject, poetry without music or music without poetry is like a finger without a nail, something is missing. Some things are synergistic by nature, one with the other is maximized. That wonderful feeling when you put the pen on the paper or the cursor over the word sheet to write a poem is as unspeakable as the feeling that a music producer can have when inventing a rhythm for his next song. If you have proposed to write poetry, a second step may be to combine it with a musical base.


To summarize all this, the first thing I would recommend is reading a lot of poetry and listening to a lot of music, so much so that you find yourself unrecognizable overnight. The style of music does not matter, as long as it is music with lyrics and if the lyrics are deep, all the better. I recommend bands like Tool, A Perfect Circle, Puscifer, Bring Me The Horizon, Slice The Cake, Trivium… but they can be the ones you like. Regarding the poetry that you should read, I recommend that you start with prominent poets like the ones mentioned above, and if you want to publish your poems somewhere, you can use websites or apps like Poetizer. A long and beautiful journey awaits you.



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