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Sitting and Staring at Ants

Serious thoughts

the image is of a small black ant on a countertop drinking, or what is think is drinking from a puddle of water
Ant Drinking Water. Image captured by author — Ilis Trudie Palmer

I wonder what is the global ant population; I bet a check of The Google would provide a clear notion
of ten to the seven quadrillion — math wizards.

Clearly, about half lives here in the kitchen, following
the scent of bananas ripening on the counter.
in search of a few drops of water.

Ten thousand I saw
excitedly congregating
around a clear puddle on the floor
— all so busy,
fetching and carry
I sit here
and stare at ants.




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Ilis Trudie Palmer

Ilis Trudie Palmer

I write on what pleases me, most times offering one dose of upfulness in each story.|

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