Six Things My Asian Wife Has Noticed About Western Culture

Her dad will haggle on the price until the other person falls to the ground from exhaustion

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5 min readApr 1, 2022


Image supplied by author (me and my wife)

I treated Asian people terribly at 21.

I made fun of their accents, called them slow drivers to their faces, threw Pokemon cards at them, and criticized their food.

Now I’m married to an Asian woman.

They say it’s funny how life gets revenge on you in strange ways.

I’m glad for the behavior change. My wife is always commenting on how Western Culture is different. These are her observations that will change how you think about Western versus Asian culture.

Our obsession with freedom causes us to talk too much

Free speech is good, and I love it.

My wife loves it too but during coroni-rona we’ve seen the downside and she reminds me often.

When everyone is simultaneously using their right to free speech we start loudly talking over the top of each other.

Coroni caused commonsense to go out the window. All the debate led to more confusion.

A former friend of mine saw an opportunity. He started posting all sorts of crazy opinions on Instagram. By being controversial and telling people the jab was bad his following increased threefold.

His evil plan didn’t work long term. He got banned for life by Instagram for spreading blatant conspiracies.

Free speech is pointless if no one listens to each other.

We stay late at the office but often don’t know why

My wife works for a big company.

Often her boss and colleagues stay back late. When she attempts to find out why they can’t truthfully answer.

Wife: “Couldn’t you do this work tomorrow?”

Colleague: “I can, I guess.”

She suspects there’s something bigger at play. Perhaps some deep insecurity or a problem at home they might be avoiding. It’s sad.



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