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Skills Everyone Should Learn to Ensure Success in Anything

Strategic life-long skills that are guaranteed to get you ahead professionally and personally

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“Only the people who take learning, growth, and skills development into their own hands will be tomorrow's leaders.”-Ally Worthington

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, a college student pursuing a degree, athlete, or specialist, you should always work towards developing life-long skills that will enable you to be an asset to yourself and others.

No matter one’s profession, it is essential to be well equipped with skills if you want to be successful. Not just basic skills that get the job done, but effective skills that will transcend you to new levels in life. Furthermore, that propel you far beyond your sought potential and create a lasting career with endless opportunities.

Take the initiative to invest in yourself and secure a promising future in anything your heart desires, especially now, it is the perfect time to learn new skills in the midst of uncertain times.

The skills I will mention below are what I believe are vital to not only professional success but personal as well.

Intrapersonal skills: know thyself

“Intrapersonal skills are all about self-awareness and controlling your own internal attitudes and inner processes.”

Source: What Are Intrapersonal Skills and Why Are They Important? — TAI

Having intrapersonal skills are important, it's like being your best friend. You are aware of everything about yourself, the good and the bad. You know what your desires, goals, strengths, and weaknesses are and use them to navigate in all aspects of your life.

Some characteristics of someone who possess intrapersonal skills are self-motivated, focused, resilient, resourceful, productive, strategic, and, analytical.

These characteristics are a result of one having clarity of mind in what they want and do not want. They focus on their strengths and encourage others to focus on theirs. They are confident in their judgment because they know what is best for them. Not to mention, they are aware of their capabilities and thrive in them.

Intrapersonal skills are vital in any career because people who acquire them are headstrong and focused to achieve their objective and know where they stand to contribute their best abilities and insights.

These types of skills require introspection and serve as a foundation of who you are. It is an advantage to thoroughly know one’s self and use it to be proactive in your profession and personal life.

Get to know yourself and play on your strengths and build up your weaknesses. It not only allows you to be more aligned with who you are but builds a sturdy base for other relationships.

A good book to develop intrapersonal skills is The Power of Understanding Yourself by Dave Mitchell which teaches self-discovery and improvement.

Interpersonal skills: creating lasting relationships

Interpersonal skills highlight one’s abilities to effectively communicate with others, build relationships, and work collectively.

Developing your people skills will enable you to scale your business or clientele in any profession to keep relationships professionally and personally.

“Research released in early 2016 by Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation, and Stanford Research Center suggested 85 percent of job success comes from having well developed soft or people skills.”

Source: People Skills Are Interpersonal Talents — Leanne Hoagland-Smith

All professions known and created by man include the interaction of people, so everyone can benefit from developing people skills.

Unless you live in a completely remote area with no sign of human life, you need to develop interpersonal skills.

Some characteristics of people who possess good interpersonal skills include empathy, inclusiveness, and the ability to influence. When you're able to connect with people they are more inclined to trust and work with you. If you are a person who encourages others, people will feel more open sharing ideas with you which leads to creative collaboration.

Strengthen your ability to get others to listen to you and create influence by contributing to positive change in their personal life and or at work.

All successful individuals from Henry Ford to Michael Jordan, emphasize the importance of having a team in achieving success. Obtaining interpersonal skills promotes effective teamwork and relationships. Without them, you are destined for failure or short-lived success in everything.

Invest in lasting relationships and your journey to success will be a lot earlier and sustainable.

People Smart: Developing Your Personal Intelligence by Mel Silberman helps you improve interpersonal skills.

Sales skills: Everyone’s in the people business

“I have always said that everyone is in sales. Maybe you don't hold the title of salesperson, but if the business you are in requires you to deal with people, you, my friend, are in sales.” Zig Ziglar

Like with interpersonal skills, sales skills are vital because of human interaction. Being able to communicate, influence, listen, and solve problems for people are skills that will lead directly to achievement.

“I think every single person on the planet should learn basic sales skills. Learning to be a good salesperson is important because it makes you improve your listening skills. You become a much better communicator which is key in all aspects of life. It’s not just about selling a product for your job or company.”

Source: Why Everyone Should Learn Sales: A Conversation With Ellen Zehntner from Hubspot — Coursera

Anyone can benefit from implementing sales skills into their toolbox of abilities.

The Psychology of Selling by Brian Tracy teaches effective ways to influence people.

Negotiating skills: Everything is negotiable

“You do not get what you want, you get what you negotiate.” — Harvey Mackay

In various circumstances throughout life, at home, school, or work, we are met with conflict or disagreements. Negotiation is a vital skill used to resolve those conflicts or differences.

This is a skill that has to be practiced and built on, it will enable you to effectively communicate and understand others, which is important in everyday life. Furthermore, it builds respect, establishes collaboration, teaches patience and understanding, and improves our decision-making.

Essentially negotiating allows parties to openly discuss their point of view and mutually come to a compromise. Much like situations that occur with a spouse, employer, or friend.

While one party can get the other to agree to something that is more in their favor, I think it’s best to reach a decision that benefits all parties involved.

“Being a good negotiator helps you to achieve your goals and thus negotiation plays an important role in career advancement. Good negotiation skills help in every sphere of life be it personal or professional. Every individual should learn the skills of effective negotiation to lead a calm and peaceful life. Negotiation is very important for better bonding between individuals and leading a happy life.”

Source: Top Four Reasons why Negotiation Skills are Vey Important in the Business World

Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss is a great read on negotiation.

Adaptive skills: learning to learn effectively

Invest in yourself by investing in your knowledge and abilities.

There would be no use for learning anything valuable if you couldn’t retain or keep those skills.

“Learning is more effective when it is an active rather than a passive process.”- Kurt Lewin

Develop your skill to learn more effectively through experiences, as the quote mentioned above indicates. Effective learning consists of adapting to a change in environment or situation, much like what we’re all experiencing during this global pandemic.

According to an article published by the wall street journal, the pandemic and shutdowns led to historically high rates of unemployment and are likely to leave a lasting effect on the US economy.

Source: How Many U.S Workers Have Lost Their Jobs During Coronavirus Pandemic? There Are Several Ways to Count — Eric Morath

This calls for millions of Americans to learn and develop new skills to make a living, but if you want to do more than just get by, it takes action and investments in one's self to create a lasting affect in this changing ecomony.

Effective learning entails taking chances through experience, practice, research, repetition of information and action, focus, and dedication.

How we learn and Why it Happens by Benedict Carey teaches effective learning.

Creative Skills: Imagination

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”- Albert Einstein

Your imagination is the scope of your abilities. If you develop your imagination to remove limits and expand your skills, you will discover that the goals you set for yourself will seem and be more in your reach to achieve them. Backing your abilities and knowledge with the use of your imagination will expose creative insights to achieving anything you desire.

Do not be afraid of what your mind can produce, every invention and discovery came from the use of imagination. Your imagination is a creative tool that is meant to be used to create and scale.

Anyone can benefit from the development of their imagination by not putting limits on their abilities and striving to succeed through a clear vision.

Don't neglect this key component to success.

The Art of War by Steven Pressfield teaches how to enhance and unleash your creative power.

Take away: It starts and ends with you

All people strive to be successful in what they pursue, in a changing world it is important to invest in yourself and obtain skills that will have a lasting impact on your profession and personal life. Skills that will ensure your achievement in what you desire most. It’ll take strategic intentions and actions to truly be successful. I believe developing interpersonal, intrapersonal, sales, negotiation, adaptive, and creative skills are essential to accomplishing anything.



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