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Smile Like The Craziest Person Alive When You Wake Up

Why so serious?

Photo by Lesly Juarez on Unsplash

The Joker is amazing.

I mean yeah, he isn’t the perfect role model considering he is the most well-known villain in superhero history. But what sets him apart is that he is also the happiest.

The Joker never stops smiling or laughing even when his life depends on it!

I thought of this when a weird thing happened in my life.

I prayed for the perfect day and ended up having the worst

Many people don’t believe in God, so let’s say I WISHED for the perfect day.

I ended up with the most miserable one.

I woke up much later than usual. I got into arguments with people around me, ate nothing, and finally went to bed in the worst mood ever!

What does this mean, I wondered. I changed my perspective and here is how I looked at it.

Wishing for something without doing anything for it, only makes it worse.

So here is what I decided the next day.

I was going to make it the best day

I woke up with the baddest, most daunting smile on my face. I was as happy as a mother who had just given birth.

Nothing seemed to be a problem.

Tick! Tick! Tick!

Knocked everything out of my to-do list like the insects you knock off your leg.

I ended up getting everything done 5 hours before! I even started the next day’s work. Hyper Productivity!

I went mad!

I programmed my mood to be ecstatic the whole day and it worked like a charm.

Everything in the day felt like a blessing, it felt like a piece of paradise that had been bestowed upon me as soon as I had taken charge of my day.

Anyone can do the same.

Make every second count

Appreciate every moment you get. Do what makes you happy and make that your mantra- what you live by.

Everything is easy when you are happy,

Laughter really is the best medicine.

Be grateful and joyous all the time.

Negativity is already in an abundance, few people are positive. But these people are rebels. They rebel against the norm. We should all be like them.

Rebels are amazing. Nothing pierces through their armour.

There could be a tornado outside their house and they would be smiling like a baby.

Give them an award. For me, these are the majorly successful people. They have already made it!

How to become a rebel

I idolise every rebel. Even if I don’t know them yet. People who are always happy are the diamonds of the world. They keep things going.

Rooms light up with them, people like spending time with them, nothing escapes their grasp.

No one is born a rebel, but everyone can become one.

Rebels are rare, but if you find one, you stick to them.

Rebels make everyone around them positive

The room lights up when they see a rebel walk in. There is that immense aura around that attracts nothing but positivity.

They only see the ‘plus’ side of things. Things that don’t complement them, they change it.

Friends of rebels are potential rebels. They might be misconstrued as being non-serious about life. But why be serious about it at all?

Yes, there is the occasional tragedy, in some cases multiple ones but rebels don’t let anything put them down.

They are massive. Nothing escapes them unless they run away.

A positive mindset makes for positive things

Their advice makes no sense to most people

Life is way too easy for them. They aren’t pulled inside by drama and they don’t complain either.

When someone asks them for advice, they give a straightforward one. It seems stupid, but in hindsight, it makes perfect sense.

They see life through all the troubles and pessimism. When pessimistic people ask them for advice, they straighten everything out in a sentence. It seems unrealistic but it makes perfect sense.

This advice seems senseless because people overcomplicate life.

Pessimists don’t take this advice, they shun it. Their loss.

They are over-grateful and over-optimistic

I choose to be grateful, that gratitude allows me to be happy — Will Arnett

For rebels, there is no such thing as being over-grateful or over-optimistic.

Average people think rebels are mad but it is all good!

Rebels feel grateful for everything that happens in their lives. It is their superpower.

They don’t let small complications during the day ruin their ideology. Every day is a blessing and every door is an opportunity for them.

Rebels don’t let other people’s opinions astray them from their goal

If you can’t find a way, create it

Rebels have a clearly defined goal, they stick to it.

It seems easy as everything good is attracted to them. Their focus is on positive things, thus the world hands it to them on a silver platter.

Their gracious and humble nature makes them the perfect candidate for the universe’s gifts.

Their clean lens on everything stems from the fact that they don’t feel unlucky. They have mastered the art of staying in their own lane. Everyone in front of them better beware!

When you chase ‘rebelism’ life slaps you in the face

You don’t get what is worthwhile without having life kill the old you.

So what? Let it!

Life is a play, play it.

Strive to be a rebel. A rebel has a bullet-proof perspective on life. Nothing trespasses that.

These people are rare which is what makes the people who have them, hang on to them.

Make constant progress on yourself even if it is just 1%. That is the progress you are looking for. Let life throw you on the most daunting rollercoaster.

You can only lose when you can’t smile so come out smiling like the maddest guy alive and hope people call you crazy!

Smile to change the world; Dont let the world change your smile



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