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Sometimes I Dream of Binary Life

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In a binary world, a question could only be answered favorably or unfavorably. No more full-time I-speak-a-lot-but-I-do-nothing-concrete people!

No nuance. The apology of pragmatism.

What would a fully pragmatic life be like?

Sometimes I dream of a world where I am answered simply, clearly, and with concrete and tangible arguments. Vague and paradoxical answers would be banished.

Sometimes I dream of a “you’re not right for the job” rather than a “the recruitment process can take weeks” (which is actually already over, we deeply know that). We know this technique to be on hand in case the lucky candidate withdraws. It is assumed that people are available forever.

Sometimes I dream of an “I prefer that we stop there” in a love relationship rather than an “I assure you that it’s fine” with distant and ambivalent reactions. People are taken for granted. Empathy is mutated and denial is set in motion. Then people really leave because of latent exhaustion that has lasted too long.

Sometimes I dream of saying to myself “I really want to go further with this person” rather than “I don’t know where this relationship is leading me, what can I do?”

Because I dream of binary decisions in others but within my own way of thinking as well (we are not perfect, we are human, just human).

Sometimes I dream of “I have a mojito”, “noted” rather than “with what flavor? what rum? in what glass? Every two day we make it with no sugar, it’s alright?”. I caricature. But as always when I am writing.

But what would the human being be without its nuances?

Would we really have the answers we expect? Because situations that leave us in the dark are often frustrating because of a lack of clarity and detail.

No need to specify that the very nature of the human being is in its nuances. These famous hazards of life, composed as much of exogenous facts as of ambivalent reactions on our side.

Maybe that is what makes our charm after all…

Sometimes yes, undeniably.

We embellish this mystery and its dark side (not always. Oh a nuance again! Even in my writing, I can’t help it, damn it). It has its glamorous side, we must admit. But let’s admit that the mystery is in the short term (and on the screen).

The perfect solution: communication.

Sometimes I tell myself that this is why I turned to communication and marketing. To bring this clarity so we undeniably need.

This clarity in words, visuals, gestures (I don’t pretend to do all this…).

Marketing also has its reverts and can both bring clarity to a message and embellish it (a little bit too much maybe…). It is known to be misleading, we won’t hide from it.

Great marketing all depends on the ethics and deontology behind the person or entity that is sending the message.

Maybe that’s why I’m so passionate about marketing. For all its ability to get in touch with people, for its multiple languages and supports. It must be said that marketing is constantly evolving and its resources are endless.

Sometimes I dream of a binary world, that’s for sure, but without nuances, the human would lose its value, and life would no longer have that challenging side that we love so much (not all the time, but we have become attached to it).




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