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Anyone can make money at YouTube.

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Yes, generally you know that you need to have good skills in video editing, marketing and knowledge or good skills to share in the form of video content.

But there is a way, which makes money on YouTube even if you don’t have any skills at all and you can just follow the easy process.

— No video editing skills are required.
 — No comedy, technical, entertainment or any other skills are required to create video content for YouTube.

Yes, That’s a possible and it can be a easy/legitimate way for you to earn money.

How you can start?

Follow the steps given below to start side hustles as a college student:

Step1: Go to the GhatGPT website and type the prompt like any of these:

Write a 5 minutes video script about "5 best places to travel in the world"


Write a 5 minutes video script about "Why Egypt is quite famous for Mummy"

Yes, likewise you can instruct the ChatGPT to write a video script for your YouTube video on your desired topic.

Step 2: Signup to the website.
They offer a free trial as well to test their services. This website will create a video with video over from your script created in step 1.

Text to video converter. Image source:

Follow the steps:

  1. Login to the website.
  2. Paste the video script.
  3. Select the right AI video for your video.
  4. just drag n drop or delete to change any image in the video.
  5. Let the site create your video and download it to publish on your YouTube channel.

That’s it. Without any video editing or other necessary skills, you can recreate and publish good trending videos on YouTube to make money online.

This article can help you further more to build and grow your YouTube channel quickly.

Wonderful, this was just one easy Side Hustles For College Students/beginners like you and I’m going to share more.


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