Still Only One Planet Earth

Is somebody looking for another one?

3 min readSep 27, 2021


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Today I am in the mood to remind myself and others about things are not even close to how it should be. I love my planet, but I don’t love how it has become since I started to look around more than half a century ago.

Lately, there has been a demand from some people to prove they can leave our dear planet Earth.

The fun thing is that they dare to come back.

And we should understand — not only you and me but all of us — how things are connected. Some of us learned about this a long time ago. Some of us seem to forget about connections as soon as we come into positions. In this case, I am talking about politicians.

But sometimes I wonder… Do the wealthy people really love nothing but greed?

Did they love their mama?

These pictures are “stolen” from and are enameled pins — and these pins are for sale. The size is about an inch — weights about 7 g — and it is told to be made of environmentally friendly alloy.

They are cute, right?

What happens if those who are the one percent richest people in the world suddenly understand what they really do and turn around and become environmentally friendly, and buy four of these pins to symbolize they have changed?

Then the manufacturer needs at least 2,5 million tons of alloy. And you don’t need much fantasy to understand this is not the only ingredient plus the energy that is needed to produce them — and some cardboard and maybe plastic to protect them when distributing them worldwide — unless the super-rich send their private jet to pick them up.

Oh…I almost forgot… It takes 5kWh of electricity to melt 1kg recycled alloy, and that ends up to be about 140 pins. Honestly, I don’t want to know how much energy is used in the enameling process — but we are talking about 20TWh or more, and then the distribution energy.

Do you still think these pins are cute?

They are, but they’re just pins…

Well, they illustrate very well the condition of our planet — and every single person on this planet should start living with these messages in mind — unless they do already.

If we follow up a little of that math I used about the 80 million people who are the superrich. I am sure there are more environmentally friendly people in the world than one percent.

And I am also sure there are many more who don’t care — because they are brainwashed in some direction — and dream about a World 2.0. appearing in the next update. It will never happen — believe me.

So what happens when the superrich wants a new bathtub? I won’t bother you with those numbers, but I know they have more than one…

I like to have one of these pins and maybe annoy those who don’t want to understand what they do in the long run.

Anyway, the chance to run into one of them is microscopic. Their bodyguards will wipe me out long before I touch them.

Every little stone matters, enameled or not…

Hope you take good care! I still do.


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