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Stop selling, start helping.

In over 25 years in sales, I estimate seeing 50–60 salespeople/colleagues come and go . This means they come into the profession with hopes and dreams and leave when it does not work out.

The challenge of finding a stable career in sales comes down to a few things. Lack of training is one, lack of focus on the skills required to be successful is another, unrealistic expectations is a third. Perhaps the most critical mistake of all is the definition of the job.

A salesperson is responsible for generating revenue. Sales refers to the exchange of a product, or service for money. Traditionally, a salesperson is defined as someone who persuades someone else on a transaction.

Persuasion. Day in day out, it can get tiring to wake up with the sole purpose of convincing others. As a salesperson, I can share features of the product or service, I can anticipate and answer questions, but persuade?

For the sake of clarity: sales is less about selling and more about helping.

Helping the customer understand how they can benefits from the service or product.

Sales can be a very rewarding career in many ways. Especially when you commit to helping those who could benefit from what you are offering.

Stop selling, start helping.

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Greg Lawlor

30+ years as a coach/teacher and business leader. VP w Matrix Fitness-Canada. I write about youth sport & athletic business.