Stop Using Midjourney, Create AI Art With This Free AI Tool

Leonardo AI is a free and excellent alternative to Midjourney.

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You don't want to pay for Midjourney to create AI art? Fear not, for I have excellent news! Introducing Leonardo AI Art Generator, a free tool that will revolutionize the way you create digital art.

How to Use This AI Tool

Why Leonardo AI Art Generator?

1- Since its launch Leonardo AI Art Generator has taken the digital art world by storm. In just six months the platform has garnered over 500,000 users from around the globe and this number continues to grow daily. According to recent statistics:

2- Users have generated more than 2 million pieces of AI generated art ranging from amusing reinterpretations of classic works to entirely original creations.

3- The average user spends approximately 20 minutes per session on the platform creating an average of 5 artworks per…