Stories In My Sleep

A poem about the tall tales I dream up in my sleep

Rebecca Ahn
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2 min readMar 15


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Have you ever dozed and found yourself off
in a magical land or slightly odd spot?
Where do you wander your subconscious mind
and what types of tall tales take you at bedtime?

I find my sleep brain visits one of two sights,
depending I guess on my mood that night.
Either adventure in a strange new world,
or revisiting memories from my childhood.

I’ll fight off demons and fly way up high,
soaring from tower to turret to sky.
Or prepare others for the battle ahead
which, ready or not, I then usually led.

Then I’m back in high school with old friends,
as excited and anxious as I was then.
I’m forgetting my lines or cues in a play,
or wandering halls that never looked that way.

But the best kind of dream I must concede
is when I’m the narrator instead of the lead.
A whole scene unfolds as if for my sake
and the story keeps building as I awake.

I love to lay snoozing half in that state,
further daydreaming the hero’s fate.
And when it ends, I rise and recreate
every detail I can recall and relate.

In my journal they have stayed and lived on
long passed their origins, nights come and gone.
Stories of love and danger and mystery
that long to be told and to be set free.

What if I shared these and gave you a glimpse
into worlds I’ve only remembered since?
Took you on adventures ready to tell
and maybe make magic feel real for a spell?

Wouldn’t we all then have so much fun
exploring stories of what dreams may come?
Sure some may stumble or feel incomplete;
they might miss a detail or skip a beat.

They’re only as full as I saw that night
and so may not be entirely outright.
But what are stories really good for
if they only stay locked away in a drawer?

Stories were meant to be told and shared,
so I’ll share mine and we’ll see how they’ve fared.
If you’d like to come along, follow me and stay tuned
for my first Sleep Stories coming to you soon.

Photo by Reuben Juarez on Unsplash



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