A Short Bio of Who I am: I’m Not Quite Sure Who That is… I Edit this Story Often

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Jaja Requa
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5 min readDec 21, 2021


A 2020 photo of ME because these stories are about ME & full of stories I want to tell NAKED (metaphorically:)


I write my provocative truth that gets me blocked sometimes. So if you choose to follow me, be careful, I might piss you off. Most of the true stories I write are better than the lies I’m tempted to tell so YOU won’t be scared of me or like me…which is a bit pathetic.

I am Jaja.
I am from the beautiful emerald isle of the Caribbean.

A photo of a map & me walking on the beach in Montserrat. Most people have never heard of it. It’s a British colony with a strong Irish heritage.

Julius Evans just asked me what was the origin of my name. He said it sounded regal☺

My Name

It’s totally made up…well sort of …I married into it and its short for my birth name and…



Jaja Requa

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