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Storyteller Tactics: You Need This!

The system that pulls readers in, sits them down, and holds them to the end

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The storyteller. (Image by NightCafé)

The problem

You do the research, write the article, find some images, hunt down the best keywords, submit it here, it’s published and what?

Don’t tell me. I already know. I’m an editor for the ILLUMINATION publications; I can see the stats.

You get a couple of hundred claps, a couple of dozen views, a couple of comments, and maybe 50 cents in reading income before it drops out of sight.

If you are lucky.

Let me help

I’m an editor here. I want you to succeed.

I want you to succeed.

I want you to succeed.

I once had a story that gained thousands of views, a solid 914 hours (and counting) of reading time, and has dropped nearly two thousand dollars into my pocket.

It’s a good story.

Now, imagine if we could all do that, every day.

That’s my aim. My aim for you.

Here’s how we do it

There’s a system.

It’s a deck of cards produced by a company in England called Pip Decks. It’s called Storyteller Tactics.

It boils down all the classic textbooks on writing and storytelling to a deck of 54 working cards in a system that guides you through how to put together and tell a great story.

You can tell stories about anything. How you cleaned up on crypto, how someone can lose weight and keep it off, what happened when you went on a road trip with a sexy co-worker.

You just need to work out how best to tell the story and your audience will sit down and listen.

And come back for more.

And tell their friends.

OK, these things are expensive. Eye-wateringly spendy.

But I’m going to tell you how to get the good stuff for free. Stick with me.

The system

Take a look at their web page. Watch the videos. Don’t worry about how much it costs. We’ll sidestep that.

It’s a brilliant system. I looked at it, bought the cards, and began writing a massive multipart review.

These people are so confident that they give a guarantee that if you don’t feel that after a year of use you haven’t gotten ten times the value of the purchase price, they’ll give you your money back.

But we’re not going to spend any money. We’ll get the goods for free.

Here’s how

I wrote a story about how to get this stuff without paying a cent. It’s worth a read, if only for the instructions on how to get the free cards.

What you find on the card pages is exactly what is on the actual cards. It’s the real deal. You can work through the story recipes, understand the system, put it into practice.

There’s other stuff as well. A blog. Video presentations. Seminars. Just explore the site and you’ll find all sorts of freebies. You don’t need to pay or even register.

And then clean up

If you learn the system and put it into practice you’ll see a jump in your Medium stats.

It’s not hard. It’s written in simple terms. It’s well organised. It’s effective.

Go do it now.

And let me know how it works for you. Submit a story, leave a comment, let’s get a community going to help each other lift each other up.

Remember, your success is my aim.

Use my discount code BRITNIPEPPER to get 15% off. I get a few dollars in return. The bold links above are affiliates, same deal. Or just go to the website, no strings attached, look around, discover the system for yourself.

My review series is free. I explore the cards, the systems, the tactics, link to independent reviews, and even show you how to get every word, every diagram, every dot point on every card for free, without paying a cent, with the blessing of the firm.

I believe in these cards. They are the wisdom of storytellers, passed on from ages past. The tactics work. They are a secret guide in the palm of your hand, and while they are expensive, they come with a money back guarantee.


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