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Take The Chance: Collaboration or Competition

Play it together like our innocent days of childhood

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The final capstone trial run was an eye-opening experience. Charlotte (not her real name) wrote in her chat box laughing that I sounded happy announcing on a client’s competitor.

We got 2-sides of the glass to look at. Either half empty or half full.

I perceived that a client who seemed to monopolize the market would be glad to know there exist competitors. It is like having someone to play with like siblings and friends in a school race. Would it not be exciting?

Of course, it won’t be interesting and exciting with joy when we compete to make ourselves feel superior to others. It won’t be exciting and healthy when we do so where later on we feel so good about other people having to fold down their businesses.

Charlotte viewed that a competitor is like an enemy we have to constantly watch our back to win the game all the time. How many of you are entrepreneurs and thinking this way?

Don’t be surprised if you will have a short span in life to live for having to watch your back all the time without peace. The hospital bed welcomes most people at a later age not due to being old. I am not speaking about Covid19.

I’m referring to the compounding amount of hatred and enmity saved throughout life to be the World’s Best Entrepreneurs. This happened when people worked in a manner of looking for enemies all year round.

Stress. Over-worked. Sudden blood pressure increased. Chronic diseases. Are these worth it over building an empire of monies?

What is healthy competition?

It is not about winning the race and feeling Godly at the top all the time. It is learning to benchmark performances and discovering what we may not know in the industry where another person is doing. Networking.

What does networking mean? Collaboration.

You do you. I do me. Yes.

However, each company is unique and has its mission and vision to reach its goals. Perhaps today a company could only get survival of brand awareness by collaborating with other businesses. Does that mean, the entire company belongs to the other fellas? No.

When setting a healthy competition, it is not about making enemies or engraving hatred towards those we compete with. People with a growth mindset loves learning and improving, but people staying in their comfort zone will not.

But sometimes, you are only playing it alone in the market because competitors do not need to compete with you. They are well abreast in the information of the development in the market and what are in need for them to grow.

What about writing on Medium?

In the same way, there is no right and wrong answer about self-publishing or publishing in another platform like New Writers’ Write, Illumination, and so on.

When we look at it that we do not want to let the earnings go to the publication, then do self-publish. That is not a problem. However, just because we wanted the earning solely for ourselves, it does not mean that the publications will not earn without us.

When we look at it from a different angle, we can see that publishing in different places brings other benefits. We get exposure to different writers we can never think of by ourselves. We increase in our networking. If we are famous already out there and new to Medium, that should be no problem self-publishing.

We also won’t know somewhere out there exist beautiful personalities like Ceren in Checkmate, Carrie in all her 6-pubs, or Robert in New Writers’ Write. Within the individual publication, we would meet other interesting people too. Would not that be interesting?

Dr. Mehmet went beyond just the Medium platform to gather writers in another workspace for collaboration. If we are serious about publishing a book in the future by compiling all our articles and segmenting them into different niches, look for mentors like Dr. Mehmet via Illumination.

These are what we call Collaboration and Networking.

Testing for strategies

When we write articles we all hope for readers. I tried testing the system here to see how self-publishing perform. There were days when my brain’s creativity fluid flows rigorously, I sent out drafts to some other platforms.

Yes, the tricky part is when our articles got published all at once on the same day. Readers usually read the top newest article. Solution? Let your articles breathe. I skipped a few days for a rest to see what happened between self-published articles and those under publications.

Both have the potential to perform well. It takes time.

The clap doesn’t increase our earnings if we are writing just to earn. The engagement where readers stay and read longer will matter in our metered paywall. However, it makes up only a very little earning compared to us getting people to sign up for a Medium monthly subscription of $5.

What I liked about writing here?

It is interesting how we want the world to perceive us from the way we write. The earnings shared across publications help the person in charge deal with their life which we do not know here.

Treat it as tithings or paying our alms differently.

We won’t know when opportunities knock on our door and come like a pot of gold. Just write. Collaborate. Network. Send draft articles to be published in other publications as a form of saying hi to people. And continue to self-publish articles too.

Writing must be an enjoyable activity. If it isn’t that means we put ourselves into an amount of stress.

Travel this writing journey alone or with a team. The joy is different when we reached our destinations between doing it solo or with collaboration. We make the choice.



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