Ten Hard Questions for the future of humanity

Muhammad Fakharuddin
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6 min readDec 13, 2020


Photo by Callum Shaw on Unsplash

Over time we have reached a pinnacle of time that we have started to accept certain thing as normal (moral); and we have stopped questioning them. Contemplating hard what if or why question is necessary for improvement to keep oneself and humanity in the right direction but on contrary, we are stuck with some old narrative(s) and could not find solution to those and as time passes, those narratives are taking complex and ugly forms.

We have a general perspective that any progress in a physical world is progress and rest we don’t care, or it is better to keep them in academics and libraries.

Nowadays any conversation other than physical world tend to generate friction and since we are not talking about those hard questions, we have accepted that what-ever answers arrived at by majority are the right one, these answers have become sacred to us; We are not willing to change or challenge them because it means going against the herd we belong to.

Talking about them means opening a can of worms which we know we will not be able to reach a consensus on; we have become so much unimaginative that we cannot imagine a better future without them; We are stuck with them as though losing them will erode our identity our own basis of rationality.