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Thanks To The Jerusalem Police My Dad Was Found

But it was a trip which brought back a bitter & an upset man home…

Photo by Jorge Fernández Salas on Unsplash

I had an exhausting and unmotivating last week of February. My mom signed up for a long travel to Jerusalem. Yes, Israel or Palestine, whatever you named it.

The night of ascensions commemorated at the Dome of the Rock costed my parents closed to $6k dollars, excluded the travelling insurances. It also excluded some other items preparing them to travel. In total almost $8k dollars were spent.

My mom’s hand shook like a Parkinson’s disease. My dad had been psychologically and spiritually unstable. Both ages reached almost 70s. I saw my dad was keen to go initially.

It would be a good break for him, but it broke him further into someone we never knew afterward.

My parents occasionally had some spiritual attacks believed to be from ancestral lineage or past village cultural practices. Little did I realize our spiritual battle had not been over yet. At the same time, he seemed to have partial dementia. I don’t know which made it worse.

But, this would be a story of a Jerusalem Israeli policeman to my dad. Here it began…

I received a call from the tour agency that notified my dad was missing in Jerusalem. It was 02/03/2022 at 1 am Jerusalem time my dad was not in the hotel.

When the news reached my ears, I was not excited, worried, upset, panicking, or anything. The situation was beyond my control. We were in 2-different countries. Any emotions above were unwarranted. It would not help.

Stoic, I seemed to be.

I tried reaching him through the WhatsApp call. There was a ringing tone, but he did not answer. He was unable to think about how to get out of the situation.

A Jerusalem resident reached my uncle’s number through a call. Then, the resident handed over my father to the police. The Jerusalem resident said my dad seemed drunk. But, my uncle knew he was psychologically slower now at his old age. It became obvious since my late aunt passed away last November.

Back in the hotel where the congregation stayed, 5-Israeli police with big machine guns took a statement from the tour group leader. It was a police report made so that they could help to track my dad’s whereabouts.

Thanks to the Jerusalem Israeli police and resident who found my dad.

He shivered badly from the extreme cold weather. It seeped through to his feet and knee until he could barely walk. He was not in his mind already. At the same time, he was not in his right spiritual state.

The Al Aqsa tour became his nightmare.

The Israeli police fetch my dad back to the hotel. One of the Israeli police donated his winter jacket to my dad. The police man had a big gun. He told my dad to stick around with the congregation group and not wander alone by himself.

You and I knew the political chaos in Israel, Palestine, or whatever that land called.

Here, I looked at the compassionate act the Jerusalem-Israeli policeman rendered to my dad. He could have been kept in the prisons there without any chance that the police would listen to him.

My dad arrived in our homeland with bitterness of experiences. He did not enjoy the tour.

He raised a finger like a warning sign to my mom. He could not express himself, but I knew he was angry. It was unclear what made him that angry compared to the days he had not left to Jerusalem.

When my dad cried at the airport arrival time, I hugged him like he was already a dead body. He looked very ferocious towards my mom.

He became a different person. Part of the father I knew ‘died’ in that supposed to be a blessed tour of The Night of Ascensions.

I don’t know who I talked to anymore. Is he my dad or something else controlling his mind?

He did not sleep till past 3 am. He sat jet-lagged, and he wore the Israeli policeman jacket to sleep and in prayers. When I looked at the winter jacket, I smiled.

Dear Jerusalem-Israeli Policeman, who gave the jacket to my dad.

I thank you. You have shown compassion. My dad wore your jacket to pray and sleep with it too. Thank you for returning my dad safely to the travel tour leader, and protecting him.

The story got deeper than I thought…I would share another time, maybe.



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