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The 7 Steps to Dancing Your Way into Reader’s Hearts

Get readers dancing to your words

Almost everyone loves music in some form or another, and when they hear their favorite songs, they feel the urge …

They hear heaven’s harps and their soul leaps into action. They dance, twist, and even do a dip or two. In other words. they dance to the music. Here are the seven steps to get your reader emotionally moving and dancing along with the mood of your post.

Step 1. Play life’s chords by composing headlines that offer readers definite solutions.

We’d all like to have our problems solved. Then we’d all be singing and dancing every day. But when you type in a question in Google, often you're just left with more questions. For the top answer, the most promoted answer may not even address your real issue.

But when your headline says “the best way to get readers to dance along with your words,” the reader knows you are talking about them because you’re that writer.

You’re the one who solves that problem, the one who’s hit the right chord … who strummed her way into her reader’s heart by putting a music-lovin’ solution-seeker in the mood to dance.

Step 2. You drive readers to leap into the world of images

Every reader who writes takes that leap every time she publishes. Or should. A post without a photo is a dead post. Especially in a world filled with image-loving pixel-dancers.

Seeing just the right pic can make even the most bumbling of us feel an energizing jolt that urges us to immediately make a bold leap in the direction a writer points to. Because just the right photo is often like a love bite, an excitement arousing prompt.

The perfect image is a liberating emotion-arousing photo that lassoes us into an engaging article’s passionate promenade, arousing our natural desire to …

Step 3. Dance to the tune that most inspires us

But, in order to dance, we must hear the music we love the most. And that only happens when the writer is actually dancing to the tune in her soul. When a writer makes a daring announcement never-before courageously expressed to the world.

For what would the world be without those innovators like Chubby Checker, Elvis Pressley, and Michael Jackson.

In a world where everyone did the same dance to the same song, a world where no one ever dared be different, the world would stop moving on its axis, I’m sure.

So challenge your reader to dare be different and dance to the music one’s soul hears, the music that reveals the essence of who she is.

Step 4. Dare your reader to do the dip

Do you dare dance along with your reader’s wants by delving into issues with deep intense passion? Do you dare feel something intensely that arouses your reader’s passions? Do you have the courage to write about topics that raise a reader’s level of conscious awareness of what they feel?

Far too many people are afraid to feel what they feel.

For, as a society, we have been taught to hide our feelings, just so others don’t have to deal with what they think is the ‘irrational’ side of us.

But reading and writing help us discover that person in us who isn’t afraid to dance, even do the dip by delving into those deep intense passions we’ve been hiding from.

Step 5 . Writing even encourages us, as well as our readers, to dare dance the twist.

For when we do the twist when we dance to the music in our soul, we discover the real ‘me’ who isn’t even afraid of the twist. Who dares tackle whatever immediate situations turn up. For the twist is the dance of intentional sensational turnabouts.

Because while we are twisting our hips to the music, we are often turning here and there, turning hither and thither, enjoying the natural twists and turns that happen in our lives.

As both readers and writers, we are always dancing toward another post, always looking for something new and unexpected. always taking another step toward what’s unfamiliar.

As we twist in tune with the music, that music in our soul becomes more and more clear with the twist of every new post … twisting us in the direction of transformation, teasing us, and turning us toward being ourselves.

Step 6. Until one day you start dancing the Tango

You begin to do a rhythmic slow-dance with your audience. You weave seductively through the milieu around you. You glide ever-so-slowly, but surely, with sensual, sexy allure.

For you’re dancing your way towards transforming your audience with a nimble glide towards your offering, simply because your audience begins to move to the rhythm of your teasing appeals.

As they glide around the dancefloor, your readers are given numerous guiding steps and get glorious glimpses of the outcome they desire …

And never once do readers or writers forget we’re each dancing with a superb dance partner, someone who never once misses a beat, for we’ve each developed a trust in the other that shifts us into the finale …

Step 7. We finish with the rhumba, finish with a romantic heartwarming unforgettable memory of ballroom afterglow.

For we give the reader exactly what he wanted. A satisfying experience. The experience of competence. And confidence. The experience of being certain and secure in one’s capability instead of insecure and anxious about one’s lack of agility and effectiveness.

As author/columnist/businesswoman Arianna Huffington puts it:

“I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to dance better than myself.”

We give the reader the experience of confidence to dance toward the solution of his problem, the experience of his struggle ended, the experience of his challenge conquered and his time well-spent.

Bonus Step — The 8th Step of a Swing Dance

The world is alive with a new dance. The swing dance. Not the east coast swing dance. but the west coast swing dance. For its eighth step is a a “come together” step.

And the come together step in life, as well as in music, is where the silence within initiates the novelty of growth.

For as composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart said in the 18th Century,

“The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between them.”

For without silence, the world would consist of one never-ending cacophony called noise. There’d be no individual notes, no personal idiosyncrasies that form character. Thus, silence is necessary to separate the notes and to separate ourselves from others, as well.

For in silence we discover our character, differentiate ourselves from everyone else in the world.

All so we can come together to form the word music of your muse’s understanding that one’s strength is in one’s intrinsic character.

The eighth step is our ‘come together’ experience of our soul for both reader and writer.

Experiencing A Glorious Afterglow

As a writer, you give readers a once-in-lifetime, never-happened-before, but could happen again ’because of you’ experience. An experience to be treasured. Simply because he’s discovered he’s danced with the Queen of Content.

And it was a moment in time he recognizes as a definite forget-it-not … a moment with a glorious afterglow where he thought “I’ll remember it always.”



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