The American Dystopia

If the U.S. were another country the military would have invaded by now



Joe and Jill Biden on the lawn of the White House accompanied by hearts, in an effort, to convey the image that they care. Credits:

The United States, as we all know, has had quite a tumultuous couple of years. But it does not appear to be getting any better, in many ways, it is actually getting worse.

Joe Biden is President and Liberals are over the moon, yet the material conditions for the majority of the population have not improved like Biden stated they would during his campaign — remember those $2,000 checks? But Biden will happily approve an $85 million Raytheon weapons deal for Chile. While Biden’s Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, is a former Raytheon board member and is believed to own $750,000 to $1.7 million in Raytheon stock. So, an $85 million deal for Chile most definitely smells of corruption and you the people — during a pandemic, recession, and mass unemployment — do not even receive $2,000.

Furthermore, the pandemic continues to rage through the country with almost half a million dead and the cases keep on rising with tens of thousands daily. But still no universal healthcare? Still no Covid relief checks? Still, the government do not care about the well-being of the American people. Biden would rather get a photo op on the lawn of the White House accompanied by love hearts, put there by his wife, Jill, in an effort to show how relatable and kind…