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The Angels Raced to Save Him

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The supplication that saved the companion from the thief (a magnificent story)

On the authority of Anas bin Malik, may God be pleased with him, who said: “A man from among the companions of the Prophet, may GOD bless him and grant him peace, was from the Ansar, with the nickname (Abu-Maalaq).”

I was a merchant who used to through one city to the other as a tradesman…,
And I used to pass through this valley…,
One day I passed through the valley…,
Holding my merchandise on top of my camel…,
When suddenly…, a thief stops me…, in the middle of the valley…,
Alone…, there is no one around…, (he puts the sword to my neck), and he says: “I am going to kill you, and take your merchandise…,”
The companion said to him, please take everything…,
But spare my life…,

The thief said: “no, I’m going to take your merchandise, and I’m going to kill you.”
When the companion found that the thief was insisting on killing him, he said to him…, “okay, you can kill me and take my merchandise, but please allow me to do one thing, and that you can kill me…,”

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The thief said: “do whatever you like, but then I’m gonna wait for you and kill you.”
Companion: “allow me to pray two rak’a (rak’a means Prayer with prostration)

The thief made a mistake by letting him pray two rak’a (Glorified is Allah)

So he Prayed the first rak’a…, then he Prayed the second rak’a, and in his prostration!

The prophet GOD bless him and grant him peace said: “you are the closest to Allah (GOD) when you are in your prostration, so ask Allah (GOD) for the things you want in your prostration.”

Companion in his prostration said: “One Prayer (supplication)”

Oh Lord, Oh friendly, to You only belongs the Mighty Throne, You are The One Who has the Mighty Will, I politely ask you by The Great Light of Your Face from Which all corners of Your Throne are being enlightened, and by The Great Power which only You possess overall Your creation, and by Your Mercy which overwhelmed everything, It is verily Only You Who possess Knowledge and Mercy over everything, there is no deity worthy of worship except You, Oh You Great Helper, please help me, Oh You Great Helper, please help me, Oh You Great Helper, please help me.

Photo by Chema Photo on Unsplash

He said…, he did not complete his Prayer, and then all of a sudden he hears the galloping of a horse…, racing so quickly and so fast…,

On the top of that horse was a man…, (a warrior) and he had covered his face…, with a sword in his right arm…, the thief looked at him before he could do anything…,

(wack) he chopped and slit his throat…, (and the thief died)
The companion looked up…, and he hugged him and kissed him,
and he said to him, “may Allah (GOD) bless you, where are you from?…, where did you come from?”

He said…, I am an Angel from the fourth sky (heavens)
You asked Allah (GOD) in the first part of your Prayer(and we heard you)

Then you asked! with the second part of your Prayer (the sky shook), and then you asked in the third part of your Prayer (we raced to Allah (GOD))

So I ran and beat the other angels to Allah, and said (oh Lord send me), and so Allah allowed me…,
Then the angel faded away…,

The Prayer of the person who is in need…,
Allah will respond…,


Feel free to ask me any questions ✌️.

God bless you and keep you safe and healthy “amen.” 🙏

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