The Best Newsletter Platforms Ranked (2023)

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2 min readMar 28, 2023


You want to start a newsletter but don’t know which platform to choose. Let’s settle this once and for all. I have tried dozens of newsletter and email marketing platforms and now, I have compiled two rankings, free and paid. You can find all tools I’ve tried in my Creators’ Toolbox.

To figure out what type of newsletter yours will fall under, read my step-by-step guide here: Step-by-step guide.

Let’s dive in!


For newsletters:

  1. Substack (free, unlimited subscribers, no automation)
  2. Beehiiv (free, 2500 contacts, no automation)
  3. EmailOctopus (free, 2500 contacts/1000 emails per month, automation)
  4. MailerLite (free, 1000 contacts, automation)
  5. ConvertKit (free, 1000 contacts, no automation)

For email automation:

  1. EmailOctopus (free, 2500 contacts/1000 emails per month, automation)
  2. MailerLite (free, 1000 contacts, automation)

Why this order?

Substack is the best free option for newsletters. It’s easy, robust, feature-rich, steadily updated, and most importantly, it comes with integrated audience-building…




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