The Bubble

Finding the comfort zone

Abhimanyu Kapoor
1 min readApr 20, 2021


Photo by Adrian Celaya on Unsplash

They always had the dream of,
a comforting bubble;
a bubble for them, that was,
free from all trouble.

And when their dreams did come true,
their joy knew no bounds;
they were the happiest people,
since their comfort zone was found.

At last, they had felt comfortable,
away from a life full of uncertainty;
they felt, they needed nothing more in life,
but I would say, “What a pity!”

They were forced into forming habits,
by the bubble that bound their comfort zone;
the thought of any change in life,
would always make their faces forlorn.

But the inevitable change eventually did come,
and when it came, the mortal bubble was burst open;
the people inside who were content with life,
unable to comprehend the change were heartbroken.

They realised that forming the habit,
of anything, is dangerous;
because when change comes,
it leaves us all helpless.

Hence, they broke free from the bonds of habit,
that kept them in sleep, while they were awake;
for them, adapting to the change in life,
was now a piece of cake.



Abhimanyu Kapoor

A student wanting to express the colours of life through poems, articles and stories.