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The Christmas Present

A story of how two friends manage to give each other Christmas gifts?

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Only two days were left for Christmas. And Mark was so worried because he couldn’t decide on any gift for Rachel. What he was going to give her, he knew nothing about that. He thought this entire year was so busy for him, and this month too and now only two days are left. He was in Cambridge and was going to meet Rachel in London at her home. What should he give her this year? “Should he give her a box of chocolates? No, this would not be a magnificent gift. What about a diamond necklace? Or colorful candles?” He asked himself, but his mind couldn’t tell what he should present to her.

He went to Cambridge’s biggest market and visited different gift shops. But nothing attracted him. Rachel was his best friend. She was his only friend in the entire world and every Christmas, he used to give her something. But this year he was confused. He wanted to give something extraordinary, but he did not know what that thing would be.

Rachel at her home was thinking the same. She was also worried about what she should give Mark this Christmas. Just like Mark, she was confused, too. This was the first time when they both were finding it difficult to decide gifts for each other. In the past, they felt no stress and never had to think a lot about what they should buy. Rachel visited different gift shops in London, but she failed to find anything special.

Two days passed and now it was Christmas. They both were ashamed because they were meeting with no gifts. Mark was on his way to Rachel’s home. He traveled by train and met a man there with whom he spent a good time. When Mark reached London and said goodbye, the man asked him to wait. He then opened his bag and gave a Christmas present to Mark and left. He opened it to see what it was and then again packed it, it was a box of cupcakes and biscuits. It made him happy with the thought that he could give this to Rachel. It was not good to go empty-handed.

The doorbell rang. Rachel opened the door. It was her neighbor, Shelly, with a gift in her hands. She gave it to her and wished her Christmas. Rachel was curious to see what it was, so she opened it and saw it was a book. She thought I could give this gift to Mark.

After some minutes, Mark was at Rachel’s home. They gave each other Christmas gifts with smiles on their faces. But they both were feeling uncomfortable because they knew they were hiding the truth. After some moments Mark said,

“Rachel, I want to tell you something. I hope you will not mind and it will not affect our friendship. I didn’t buy any gifts for you because I was so confused about what I should give to you. And this gift that I gave you was given to me by a man who met me on the train. I didn’t buy it for you.” Tears were shining in his eyes.

“Oh, Mark, what if I tell you I also didn’t buy any gift for you and this gift that I presented to you, a neighbor of mine gave me before you arrived at my home,” said Rachel while sadness was clear in her voice.

“My love is not dependent on what you give me, Rachel. I love you because of you.”

“I want you to know you are more precious to me than any other thing in the world that you can ever give me,” Mark.

They looked into each other’s eyes. There was nothing but love, nothing but care. They stepped ahead and hugged each other. It seemed that they were trying to unite their souls into one. A sea of tears came out from inside themselves. The universe made them confused and didn’t let them buy anything. Because it was going to teach them a valuable lesson; the biggest present was not what they can give, but what they have; their friendship, their connection, their love. On that Christmas, they realized they were their biggest present for one another.




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