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The Copywriting Lesson I Got From Being a Part of an Evangelism Group in Church

How storytelling was used to get people’s attention

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I was part of a group that went out for evangelism, and it was fascinating to see how you could tell people about God and get them to accept Jesus. While the leader of the group was talking to people, I just observed, and the whole situation felt like I was writing copy.

He started with storytelling. At first, I noticed that people were not interested in hearing about God, but as the Pastor in the group began talking about his story, you could see that people’s focus increased. The same people looking elsewhere were now the ones utterly interested in what the Pastor was saying. Why did this happen? The Pastor told them his story. And that made them feel like they knew him, and thus creating trust.

That’s the first step you have to take in selling a product, building your business, or starting your career as a content creator. You have to build trust by sharing your stories.

People like to patronize those they trust. If they don’t trust you, you can’t convince them to keep listening to your content or buy your course.

Every Copywriter will tell you that storytelling is the most potent attention-getting tool because we’re all imaginative. We were built to create pictures and concepts in our heads. And if you can help somebody create that, it will be easier to convince them.

You don’t start your blog, and on the first day, you expect everyone who reads your content to repost it or expect people to buy your info product on the first day — it doesn’t work that way. You have to start by building trust with them first.

You can also hit on their pain points with your storytelling. When they see that you’ve been in a situation like theirs and have overcome it, they will see you like their kind of person and would want to relate with you further. Because whether you see it or not, we’re all attracted to people who are similar to us.

This is how trust is built — in similarity. Start with your journey, and when people can relate with it, you build a strong audience with every content you put out.

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