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The Day Anti-Vaxxers Prevented WW III

Truckers are arriving in Washington, D.C.

Photo by Christine Roy on Unsplash

The whole of the system is based on war. We celebrate war. It is deeply rooted in our culture, and in our way of perceiving the world as a matter of good and evil. We cheer when Rambo goes to Vietnam and massacres people. If you google ‘How many people Rambo killed’, you will find a series of actual articles glorifying Rambo’s final kill count! It is 552. Rambo killed 552 people. Wow! The hero! Who knows, if it was under five hundred, he might not have earned a title of a war veteran at all. We go to war parades on Sunday after lunch to enjoy a portion of good old war ambient with armed men marching through the centers of our towns. We clap. Sometimes we even get tearful when we hear a strong drumbeat and the sound of a trumpet. We get chills. It makes us think of ancient battles. Where would we be without them now? Where would we be without Rambo? We buy our children plastic guns, so they can play war. They run across the meadow and argue whether the bullet hit them.

“I hit you in the face!”

“No, you didn’t. You were too far.”

“Yes, but this is M60 gun. It can range far.”

“No, it can’t!”

With such culture deeply entrenched in our collective mindset, rulers can play the game of war as well. With the proper weapon. One war after another. War creates war, actually. So, they can play it all the way. And gain power. Domination. Power implies enemies. They profit! They always profit from war. Both sides! Egoistically and financially. And who knows in what other ways. I mean, obviously, elites profit. Poor don’t profit. Poor get poorer. Poor die. So, yeah — as usual. I guess war only strengthens the current division between casts. War creates a perfect market for all kinds of goods — weapons, drugs, ore, technology… Information! Oh, that is the proper one. Information! The media profits on war like they can only dream of in peaceful times. If it bleeds, it leads! We, people from the media, know that very well. War supports the entire capitalist system. And it probably goes beyond capitalism. It supports all other social and economic systems. Even religious systems! But especially capitalist! You remember how many times we heard the war was in the name of democracy? Capitalism and democracy are two hemispheres of the same brain.

Now, do you remember anti-vaxxers? (There are numerous sub-categories of anti-vaxxers, but let’s stick to the very media-created idea of who anti-vaxxers are). You might think about what those primitive creatures have to do with war. What does vaccine hesitancy have to do with war? It is not, though, about vaccination. What makes that group of people so significant is the fact they have denied the system — that very system that is based on war. They have denied the most important pillars of that system — governments, media, science, and even education to a certain extent. Basically, they don’t trust anything, but I mean anything, that comes from those sources of information. Also, trust has been lost in some core concepts of the system, such as dictatorship and democracy. Anti-vaxxers have very different ideas to, say, Joe Biden, about what democracy is. While the US President believes he has been protecting democracy with vaccine mandates, the other side believes vaccine mandates are an attack on democracy itself.

Now, imagine a situation, the most awful scenario where the madness of the war in Ukraine goes on so far that the US president starts mobilising regular people to join the army. And of course, he starts with the working class, people from rural areas, farmers… Truckers! Those who can be deployed properly.

“Come in,” the US president says as somebody knocks on the door of the Oval Office in the White House.

“Hello Sir,” the US Secretary of Defence says before he continues with a firm voice: “The crazy dictator has lost the plot! Europe has been invaded. The major US banks have been targeted in various European cities.”

“The dictator needs to go down,” the US president replies calmly. “Arrange the press conference for this evening. We need to let people know it is wartime.”

“Fellow Americans, as of today we are in the war,” Jimmy listens to the US president on the radio in his truck while drives in a convoy towards Washington, D.C.

“For fuck’s sake, what does this guy want now?” Jimmy asks himself and turns up the volume.

“The American freedom has been endangered. The right to work and live at peace has been jeopardized by the cruel dictator. This great country will never accept to be a hostage of a man whose ultimate goal is to destroy democracy as we know it. As long as I am the president of this country, my responsibility is to stand against madness that has struck the world. We must defeat the dictator!”

“You are damn right, boss,” Jimmy says as the president finishes his speech. He turns down the volume in his truck and honks long. He picks up a walkie talkie, connects to the fellow trucker in a truck ahead in the convoy.

“Have you heard this, brother? We shall fuck the dictator up!”

“Almost there, brother, almost there,” Chris replies as the Convoy enters Washington, D.C.

After 11 days, truckers grouped in ‘People’s Convoy’ are arriving in Washington, D.C. to require from Joe Biden the end national emergency, as well as any remaining coronavirus mandates.



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