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The Definitive 7.5 Month Survival Guide for the 2022 Mars Retrograde in Gemini

August 20th 2022 — March 25th 2023. Yup…Thank me later.

Illustration designed by @HenriusPlutoshine, on Canva


8 months… 8 months of this shit… When big astrological moments happen in air signs, it’s truly a time to behold the massive changes in our world, because we are in the deluge of a new age ruled by air, the Age of Aquarius. Mars doesn’t go retrograde as often as the other planets do, it does this once every 2 years or so. On Saturday August 20, Mars in the air sign of Gemini will depart on this wild adventure. Now let be be clear, Mars will not station retrograde until just before Halloween, but we’re not gonna wait until shit hits the fan to then clean up our act. Being a Mars-ruled Astrologer, I feel like it is my duty to help you understand this powerful Mars transit.

Transit — A planet cruising along through a zodiac sign degree by degree (from 0–30)

For all my guys, let me just say, this is an important, if not thee most important, astrological period of the year us, for reasons we’ll get into. I also have a little something extra for you, so read on. As soon as Mars enters Gemini, the house and the topics associated with Gemini in your chart will already be active long before the retrograde. Knowing this will give you the insight and the advantage on what’s to come. Welcome to my first Mars Hypr’scope and the one I’m dubbing “my most significant article” I will probably write this year. I wanted to give you the definitive, survival guide to Mars Retrograde from the second Mars shifts into Gemini all the way until it goes into Cancer next year. Hopefully I can accomplish this and make a difference in your life.

So as I said, Mars Retrograde actually happens a couple days before Halloween. We’ll get to the retrograde but let’s talk about Mars & Mars in Gemini firstly. Mars is the planet of passion, violence, war, aggression, change, acceleration, ambition, drive, individuality and seperation. It rules our fight, how we defend against predators, and the way we overcome obstacles. This super impulsive planet also rules our adrenaline and sex drive. In a woman’s chart, Mars indicates the qualities of the man that basically turns her on. In a man’s, it’s the type of guy you are on a primal, instinctive, fundamental level and also how we establish and display camaraderie amongst other men. It’s the way you express your Masculinity. You might be saying, “well Henrius, you’ve said that the Sun is the masculine energy” and yes that is true. Let me explain the difference. The sun has an element of growth that steers your Mars, the sword in which you utilize to conquer life achieving the Sun’s request -your purpose. The intensity of the sun’s heat and rays all depends on your geocentric perspective on the Earth. Are you in the northern hemisphere or are you in the southern hemisphere? In addition to that, the sun rises and sets every day, peaking at Noon. In the same way we can see this in the Sun’s principle of youth. When you are younger, you have yet to embody the full potential of your sun’s energy. It’s said that as we age, we become more like our Sun sign, and with age comes wisdom, which is another element to the sun’s energy that differentiates it from Mars. The Sun is divine masculinity. As we age and become more enlighten by what we learn, our viewpoint of the world becomes more clear. You grow from boy to man, and your actions are no longer survival, instinctual or emotional based; they are intelligent. They resemble the versatility and the potential that being illuminated creates, we see this existing in the multi-dynamics we physically experience with the light of the Sun on Earth as we live our lives. Although Mars on its own can be extremely mentally sharp, being very much our fortitude in the face of adversity and our street smarts; it just doesn’t possess this quality the sun does, and therein lies the difference of the two’s masculine energy. Mars is our gut instincts that can save us in dangerous situations, while the Sun is our Soul’s impulses that become they “why” of our human actions, trying to connect us to why we are really here.

A conquest of the mind and the nature our duality.

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

Gemini rules things like the media, writers, communication, infrastructures, commerce, twins, and duality. Mars in Gemini is where achieving understanding of the feminine energy’s intricacies becomes vital and necessary for survival. Mars becomes ravenously curious and passionate to speak, learn and become more intelligent, especially about whatever or whoever, its counterpart is. It wants to learn who are we as men AND women of the universe, why and how do we contain the other’s polarity and the way in which we use it, like the Sun’s all-encompassing, all-consuming trait (The blessing of life but also holy fires of judgement.) Next to Leo, Mars in the mutable Air sign Gemini becomes the most ravenous version of itself for the light or wisdom of the sun. Why? Because Gemini is ruled by Mercury and by no coincidence, Mercury the closest planet in proximity to the sun. Maybe this is the source of Gemini’s superb intelligence. With their temple so close to the great star in our skies above, there’s always something Mercury signs see, that we don’t, making them super adepts.

Something really underrated that I noticed with this almost 8 month Mars journey is that for anyone going through their Saturn return right now, this Mars cycle will take you through until the end of your Saturn return. I’m not exactly sure if the Mars retrograde will intensify your Saturn return -I would really have to look at that on an individual basis- but this is real interesting. We will start the retrograde with Saturn in Aquarius and when all is said and done, it will be in Pisces come March 2023. Crazy huh? Alright so, I’m super exited to share that I actually interviewed Mars! He has like twelve temples but he invited me to his Geminian temple and gave me some amazing insights and all the exclusives on his film,

“Duas Retrogrados.” — premiering October 30th 2022.

An Interview with Mars in his Temple of Gemini *Uncensored*

Henrius: “Mars! It’s been a min man! Thank for having me come out here. I think this is the 2nd time I’ve been in your Geminian temple. It looks completely different…”

Mars: “Yeah yeah! It look completely fucking different, don’t it?”

Henrius: “Yeah, similar.. but different. I-I don’t think I’ve ever seen the floor with all the uh, books everywhere..How many books do you have?”

Mars: “You know I’m not really sure. I’ll start one but then I get bored pretty easily so I start a new one. I think I’m reading like seven right now.”

Henrius: “Seven! Woah that’s crazy!”

Mars: *Laughs* “You know me, I’m a multitasker.”

Henrius. “Okay okay bro. So. As we know, you shot a movie in your massive temple with a bunch of other planet and it’s got retrogrades and stuff. Can you give us a little preview of what to expect?”

Mars: “For sure, so we shot different scenes all throughout the temple. The full movie is 8 parts and will release over the span of pretty much 8 months, so there’s like 3 hours per part. Basically, you get to see how I create aspects and all sorts of different energies and how I release them on Earth to fuck you guys up.”

Henrius: “…Damn. Sounds exciting. Everything you do just packs a PUNCH, it’s like better than Marvel. So the focus of this movie though is the Retrograde. Can you talk a little bit more about that and what your retrogrades in particular means for those who may not know?”

Mars: “Firstly, I use to give Stan Lee and Marvel my intellectual properties all the time. Rest in peace to him. He actually named Marvel after me. You know, ‘Mar’ vel?
It’s part documentary, part action film. Retrogrades are when we planets maybe forgot to do something, so we create this perception that looks like we’re moving backwards in the sky. Sometimes though we just feel like switching shit up. I personally like to do this roughly every 26 months for 60 to 80 days, so like 2 ish month. In my film I explore what an almost 8th month retrograde is like, just for shits and giggles.”

Henrius: “What is the significance behind the films title “Duas Retrogrados”?

Mars: “Well, as you can see, my temple is enormous, I think it would take a day to walk around it. Half of the Temple of Gemini is this mess of books and papers everywhere that I really use your help in cleaning up, and the other half is this pristine vistas in the clouds where I can just breathe, but often epically fail because what is chillin’ and breathing right? So anyway, ‘Duas’ refers to having both sides of the temple I operate in. The masculine side of where I’m super busy trying to sound smart to you guys but end up in war debates, and the feminine side, where I go to try to sit still and meditate and where I often realize, I talk way too fucking much.”

Henrius: “Very interesting! So here, you’re all about relentless expression, impassioned curiosity, accomplishing tasks, street smarts, sharpening skills, slander, gossip, media takeovers, information warfare, and burnout. Can you give us a lil ‘vibe check’ on what your retrograde in particular looks like?”

Mars: *Yawns* Yo, here’s the thing, I would but.. I kinda got this Zoom event to be at in like 2 mins but you good, you got most of it though. Let’s link up again soon.

Yeah uh... that’s where the interview ended. When my astrology teacher Lada Duncheva, says that “Mars is a Jerk in Gemini,” she wasn’t exaggerating in the least. I wasn’t expecting him to just leave the interview, do you guys think he was maybe bored by me?

Photo by SIMON LEE on Unsplash

The Previous Mars Retrograde

For the super astro nerds like myself, I thought it would be awesome to take a quick look at the last Mars retrograde we had. This one was again, especially potent being in the sign of it’s firey domain, Aries. Expect to experience a similar way of navigating life to this period back then. Yes, Aries and Gemini are different, but they also have A LOT of similarities and complement each other greatly. By my logic, It’s almost as if this 2022 Mars retrograde is the Mercury retrograde of the 2020 Mars retrograde…ya feel me?

Mars Retrograde in Aries 2020

(article via

June 27, 2020: Mars enters Aries
August 16: Mars trine the sun (begins to slow down)
September 9: Mars stations retrograde at 28°09’ Aries
October 13: Mars opposite the sun (closest to Earth)
November 13: Mars stations direct at 15°14’ Aries
December 11: Mars trine the sun (begins to speed up)
January 6, 2021: Mars leaves Aries

Something for the gentlemen

On an episode of my Podcast, I dove into all the Mars Signs giving you a taste of what kind of Mars energy you exhibit. Aside from Mars being in Gemini, whenever Mars goes retrograde -especially if you are ruled by Mars like me- we all collectively reevaluate how we operate as Men and personally where we rank among the others as Mars rules competition. We can rewire our male brains with traits we need more of by “SMAAAASHing!!” ourselves to pieces like Ness in Earthbound, submitting to the grind of improvement. Where do we need to defeat our archaic primal selves that stand in our way of the ultimate vision for ourselves we have. Hopefully this helps you understand what really makes you the man you are. Be warned, the conversation does get a lil… grown.

Here are the time stamps for your Mars Signs:

Mars in Aries (Skip to 22:29)
Mars in Taurus (Skip to 23:41)
Mars in Gemini (Skip to 26:05)
Mars in Cancer (Skip to 27:28)
Mars in Leo (Skip to 30:17)
Mars in Virgo (Skip to 32:29)
Mars in Libra (Skip to 34:41)
Mars in Scorpio (Skip to 37:18)
Mars in Sagittarius (Skip to 40:01)
Mars in Capricorn (Skip to 43:49)
Mars in Aquarius (Skip to 47:21)
Mars in Pisces (Skip to 50:15)

What’s tried and true for me might not work for you, but here are two my favourite meditation videos on YouTube that helps balance out my energies so that I’m using it optimally and not wasting time distracted with trivial things that don’t even matter. Or worse, self-consciously doubting my potential. When things get hectic and you need to slow down, no harm in trying it out right?

Resist the impulsive urges + Embody the Monk archetype + master our Techniques. Voila! The Retrograde Elixir.

Write down ideas and implement them only after you have prioritized all of them with 99.9% accuracy (leave Mars a little room to leap before looking, trust, he’ll do it anyway regardless of your permission.) This way, you can avoid instances where you’ve ending up doing double your workload. I also encourage you to check if there are any planets anywhere from 8° to 25°, where the transit of the retrograde will be taking place, because Mars will be striking those with some swift mercurial jabs. For example. My Ascendant sign (or Rising), is at 8°… which is why I groaned at the beginning of this article because not only is my Rising ruled by Mars, but it’s at 8, meaning my life is gonna be going through a MAJOR transformation in multiple significant ways. Which makes complete sense though. My birthday is in November. My planetary chart ruler is going retrograde. My Saturn Return is ending in March which means it’s climaxing right now. With this combination of Astrology and more I haven’t even mentioned, I can absolutely see why.

Gemini energy is the classic case of
Ooh! Shiny gadget thing! *presses all the buttons*
and Mars in Gemini is the textbook example of defiantly “touching the hot stove.” Please, have extra caution with choosing to multitask. Mars in general likes to have a singular focus so if you can, just avoid it all together. Be extra careful with your electronics and in your daily commute. Being out in the neighbourhood spacing out and not paying attention; things can shift so scarily quickly under this energy. There’s a lot more I could say about Mars in Gemini, and I’m sure I’ll get to go even more in depth with your chart in our 1-on-1 consultations. (that you can always book here!)

Then there’s Eclipse season which by the way, takes places during retrograde season and is super relevant and super impactful because of the station retrograde a couple days after it hits the Scorpio-Taurus axis. So more focus on Martian energy but more on this in my upcoming Eclipse survival guide!

Have you ever watched the “Dragon Ball” anime? Retrogrades are exactly like Goku charging up the Kamehameha, only, I imagine, you gotta learn the rigorous process, starting with you changing your mindsets and “beliefs” around accomplishing the technique. Where mastery is concerned, we must integrate the other side of the spectrum. Which in this case is Sagittarius energy, the opposite sign to Gemini. The form, the stance and motions, how to conjur up the energy, your physical strength must be up to par, the absurd, excessive, Sagittarian battle cry when releasing the energy that seems to be the philosophy behind his connection to that higher power, and so on so forth. Mars will make us miss the details rushing through things. Make sure you’re thorough so your Kamehameha hits different come March.

*potential spoiler alert if you’re like me who still needs to watch Dragon Ball Super..

Gemini in Roman mythology is known as the Messenger of the gods. Being the only god that is able to travel between the Heavens and the Underworld serving as “the guide of souls to the underworld” So for almost 8 months, we are entering a kind of Spiritual Dojo of enlightenment (or the Hyperbolic Time Chamber in Dragon Ball!) Except, this dojo has 2 rooms that look a lot like the one’s in your natal chart where your Mars is chillin -or is lifting weights-, AND the house Gemini governs in your chart. Sometimes when I’m feeling real scorpionic, I like to think of the houses as different matrixes that our mind projects in which we experience our lives and realities, but that could be my south node in Gemini typing (or maybe it’s a bias, and I’m just indoctrinated by “The Matrix” because it’s like my favourite movie series.) It’s time to reprogram and reeducate yourself by perfecting your craft, your skills, your voice, your communication style, the way you engage with trade, marketing and commerce, and just about anything else that Gemini has dominion over. You can’t just know it on the surface level, once you master one side, you must often master the other, gaining the wisdom of the heavens and the earth. Before I send you off to your sign’s horoscope and the free Mars Retrograde Survival Guide resource, I’ll end with this final thing:

Mars rules energy, more in a physical sense when it’s in its Arien temple, and more psychically in its Scorpion temple. In other temples that aren’t his domain, where he kinda just leases, the type of energy changes. In the Aquarian temple it’s now more humanitarian, innovative/scientific and synchronistic energies we’re talking about, but in the Temple of Gemini however, Mars takes on a mutable air element of expressing its energy. The words of Justin Perry ring through. He says said such a dualistic phrase the other day “Energy is everything and everything is energy” so Mars being here for such an extended amount of time means that we need to seriously manage our energy, because we will be changing our minds hyperbolically fast. Under this influence, thoughts and words are extremely energized too, so even if it’s just a joke, watch how you use them. This retrograde will colour the way we take action with a Geminian yet Scorpionic hue. Pluto and Mercury. Dating back to 1999, Masaru Emoto (author of the book “The Hidden Messages in Water”) published several volumes of a work entitled Messages from Water, containing photographs of ice crystals and accompanying experiments such as that of the ‘rice in water’ 30 day experiment. Some people called his work bullshit and “fringe” but we are about to learn with this retrograde that letting your passionate energy and emotions for your ideas grow, “Water & Air” is practically alchemy at a fundamental level we all can do.

Collectively, all sorts of things can happen, or be energized by Mars. Super aggressive communications, scams, potential lockdowns, lawsuits (coming into play with that opposite energy of Sagittarius) riots, protests, shootings or violence at educational institutions, cyber warfare, and an overall divide between two sides of communities, neighbours, ideas, or societies that quite frankly can become intense. There is more of an internal battle with our emotions, between where we currently are in our lives and where we want to be or want to do as an individual, separate from those around us. It’s not all bad though. Mars can really refocus your energy and get you back on the right track and in speedy Gemini, you can actually accomplish a lot, even though there may be a lot of “STOP!” and “GO!” Although again, I would suggest not to initiate anything new that has significant importance. Remember that retrogrades are still about revisiting, reflection, repurposing etc, so hold your punches until mid-late February/March and instead, gather the expertise on whatever it is in the meantime. Gemini rules the nervous system, so if you don’t take anything away from this article (which you will cause it’s all free), add in to that elixir a social media fast, at least from the station retrograde in October for the last 2 months of 2022. (“2”, gemini energy)
Remember to “B-R-E-A-T-H-E”, trust me, with all the mismanagement of energy, it will be difficult to do when you’re constantly switching from going 1 to 10,000mph, back to 1.

Fun. *groans…*


Illustration designed by Ɛlix'r of Plutoshine on Canva

Here is the link to the latest issue of the MOCA E-Magazine where you can find your Mars R’etrograde Survival Guide including the Hyp’Rscope for all zodiac signs + the VibeyPlutoshiny digital calendar of the most important dates.



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