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The Disfigured Saraswati

Photo by Kolkatar Chobiwala:

Jnana is transacted
For exchange of Lakshmi

Alas some have hiranya
while most are destitute of money

Begrudgingly fascinated by the fake supremacy
Of the elite cosmetic language and stature
the Bereft
Via bizarre and grotesque ways
Saves penny after penny
Inflicting harm on the flesh and blood of their own

Social justice — nyaya if not neethi
Facilitates access to the modern gurukuls
Disempowered, incapable to speak the language of rights
Despite being the only appropriate claimer of right
The timid and voiceless avarna
Speaks not, but graduates

As the quotaites bide for the grace of Lakshmi
The flighty goddess turns a little ..
But before she can look
The heavy guru hold’s the scholar
Hiding her from her gracious glance

With the noose above her head — that ticking time bomb
Aaargh! the market based marriage demand
She tearfully prostrates in front of the village Kali

As she looks on to the tight rope
Doomed if she walks
For she is going to be swept by the risque anonymous swayamvara
Doomed if she doesn’t walk
For she may deprive her future progeny of a fortunate choice
In sealing her fate

When her scholastic aptitude
Is measured via promiscuous favours to perverse peers
And the powers that be…

Alienated from the self
Bereaved of the fascination for Sophia
The Athenas of India dread Hypatia



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