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The Easiest Way to Put Yourself Out There as an Introvert

You can create content and still keep your privacy

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If you live in the modern world, introversion can seem like a curse.

All conventional advice is always about how you need to be more out there. People don’t notice you at meetings because you are not the loudest voice in the room. People don’t give you opportunities because they haven’t paid attention to you.

The world is made for extroverts and introverts often find themselves at a cross-road — I need to put myself out there but I don’t like my business out there.

Melody Wilding explains in Forbes that ‘it’s easy to imagine that introverts might see their qualities as a liability in their careers, especially when our culture glorifies hustle and charisma’.

Introverts are very intelligent people and their perception makes them observe the world around them more keenly than extroverts. ‘Many introverts cherish deep thinking and reflection’ Melody explains further. Introversion doesn’t affect your ambition. You still want to be a thought leader but don’t like a lot of attention. You want to share your knowledge, expertise, and experiences with the world but your social battery drains fast from social interactions.

Being a content creator is for you as well. Your knowledge and penchant for deep thinking is a prized asset. Nick Wolny says in his article — This Career Path Belongs to Ambitious Introverts about the creator economy, ‘and that’s why I love the creator economy: My introvert-ness and love of depth is a prized and lucrative skill’.

It can be difficult and exhausting navigating all the muddy waters.

There are three tips you can apply as an introvert who still wants to influence the world. It may seem like controversy sells but these days, wellness sells, people are promoting healthy living both physically and psychologically so relax, no need to roll in the dirt.

1. If you don’t like putting your life out there, maybe it’s your thoughts that matter. Many creators have built their brands as thought leaders. Nick Wolny explains in his article — This Career Path Belongs to Ambitious Introverts that anyone who creates content day in and day out knows this; content is surprisingly cerebral.

2. Make your content impersonal — videos can be impersonal. You can use audio if videos make you uncomfortable. Words go far. Even if you want to make videos but you don’t like putting your face in the videos, you can record your content with visuals and simply record your voice to go with it. A lot of cooking videos are recorded this way, the action plus the voice of the creator or even simple text graphics.

3. Start with the platforms you are more comfortable with: I once posted on Facebook that introverts should start with a platform they are comfortable with and someone responded asking how you grow when you are comfortable. But being comfortable can make you thrive. When tech and business journalist Kara Swisher, was asked in an interview with The Cut about how she figured out where to focus her ambitions, she responded ‘originally, I wanted to be an architect. But then, in high school, I went to a summer program at Harvard for architecture, and I was just bad. I don’t have talent in design. I wish I could do it, but I didn’t pursue it because I knew I wasn’t going to be the best.’

If you are comfortable with Twitter, start with that. If you are comfortable with TikTok, start with that. You’ll find that once you start creating where you are comfortable, thriving on that platform will make it easier to create on other platforms.

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