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The Experiment

Note on a Real-Life experiment

The experiment

In Spanish the word used to define the human being is ‘hombre’, the homonym for the word for ‘shadow’ in Italian, an expression that perfectly defines the state of man: a shadow without depth, a being without depth.

The only emotion that man feels is identification, to which he then strives to differentiate by giving different names such as love, compassion, hate, indifference.

Thomas Moore with his Utopia has inspired many scholars and many men, through the description of a society in which all men will become good, altruistic, followers of moral and ethical laws and proposing a humanity that will live in justice …

But what is justice? Who establishes the values of justice? They are just points of view that are constantly changing.

The Dreamer’s Revolution is that “you create the world that you are, in this precise instant” and that “there is no instant neither before this nor after”.

It may seem like the theory of a misanthrope, with selfishness that does not take others into consideration, that refuses to help them …

But the only help you can bring to others is to eliminate all forms of need, both in giving help and in receiving it.

You cannot help anyone because there is no one in need, it is only you who emanate this weakness, this negativity but it is always just imagination that you yourself produce and project into the world.

Yes, there is Buddhism which sees the world as an illusion, in which every human being will realize God sooner or later, but it is the same vision as Thomas Moore’s, it does not change anything.

The only revolution is in realising that everything is a reflection of Being and if you know how to transform the weaknesses, the ballast, the encrustations, then the whole world receives the benefits of this transformation … if there is a world outside of you …

There is no separation between you and the world.

Missionaries and philanthropists do what they do just to be recognized as the saviours, the solvers.

If you take your life into your hands and no longer allow any death in you or indulge in a state of death, then the whole world will turn into a Paradise.

If you do not express death and self-sabotage, there cannot be a world that reflects negativity.

If you carry righteousness within you, you realize that you make the world, the world is you and there is no distance between you and the world.

How does the world attack and hate you if you have entered into a state of love within yourself?

How does the world rob you if you have eliminated the thief from within you?

The unawareness of the victim generates its victimizer, usually death, the victim is the one who victimizes the criminal and not vice versa,

The victim and the killer are the same thing with no time gap.

The Pope’s forgiveness for his aggressor is stupidity, in reality, you cannot forgive anyone outside of yourself, you have to realize that you are the real cause and the author of every event.

If you identify with the event, it will come back against you, only to show you your internal torture.

If we look at the world with our criminal eyes, with our nature of torturers, the world becomes a terrible place, made up of police and prisoners.

Inside each of us there is crime and the only way to eliminate it from the world is to intervene on ourselves.

No one has ever been cured by a medicine, there is no medicine or doctor, no one has ever been treated by a doctor, they are all imagination, it is the way we know of projecting one’s precariousness, one’s ignorance.

We fail to understand that each of us is the only Being who creates his whole story.

We prefer to descend into excuses with “but I”, “but you” …

Instead, we should be able to live this Oneness, this light and this understanding, without divisions. But if you do not live this state of unity, it is very difficult to explain it, what we live and what we feel, our own level of Being prevents us from understanding.

As in Abbott’s book Flatland, it is impossible for two-dimensional beings to understand three-dimensionality.

The more we live well, the more the newscasts have no ‘news’ to report.

(we watch a movie, ‘The Experiment’.. on the screen the scenes unfold and project exactly the words of the Dreamer a few minutes earlier, in the plot, a group of volunteers is subjected to an experiment, some are selected to be prisoners and others are chosen to be the guards, everyone knows that it is a play, a fiction, yet after a few days the role becomes real, and these men almost kill each other)

Everything is happening at this moment, now we are creating the film, everything that has happened and everything that will happen, everything is a story that is happening now in this moment.

With identification we get lost, identification is getting lost in the game and not being able to get out. This atmosphere that is created here, we do not possess it, you can breathe it only here, in the words of the Dreamer, your life, your illusory reality just outside ‘here’ takes over, for you it is revealed that only reality possible and you begin to navigate in this asphyxiating liquid, a subtle poison which you will cease to notice.

These words are said only once and should never be repeated, instead they are repeated and repeated because you are not ready.

We should dedicate the 24 hours of the day only to these things … and instead we do not see a way out of them alone and we prefer not to think … then you must have the patience to continually return to these concepts, it is important.

How do you live like this, one gets up, starts a thought, a feeling, enters mediocrity and remains imprisoned for the whole day as in a real prison, you think you are thinking, in reality you are ‘thought’ and you are ‘felt.’

When you return to your daily life and since you are not ready you identify and forget.

The victim victimizes the culprit precisely because of his irresponsibility and for this he is twice guilty.

When we slow down inside, thoughts take us away, every time we must be able to return, patience is needed and this is a muscle to exercise.

Any thought -let’s try to think the most sublime thought, for example, ‘God’ … well, whatever you think is not comparable in the least to the Absence of Thought.

Between the highest thought and the Absence of thought there is a distance made of eternity, of light, of aeons of light that must be overcome! This distance must be bridged.

Our work serves to bridge the gap between the most sublime thought and the total absence of thought. It is the difference between merely flying blindly through the clouds and containing them — to think or to Dream…



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