The Father, the Son and the Wholly Gross

Noel Holston
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3 min readJun 15, 2024


Or, Scuzzball like a shepherd lead us

Facebook meme depicting Trump as God’s enforcer. Screen grab by Noel Holston (Author)

So, the same God that sent us Jesus also sent us Donald Trump?

I guess that’s possible seeing as how the same God gifted us with sex and STDs, but I doubt it.

Saying Donald Trump isn’t a “perfect” man a huge understatement, like saying DDT isn’t the best of condiments.

I, Noel Holston, am not a perfect man.

I sometimes talk when I should be listening.

I’m bad about leaving the toilet seat up.

I’ve been known to tithe less than 10%.

I once stole a pair of sunglasses from a surf shop in Daytona Beach.

I regret it all.

But unlike Donald Trump, who regrets nothing, I’ve never sexually assaulted a woman in a department store dressing room, mocked a disabled man’s tremors, lied on loan applications, stiffed a contractor, or paid hush money to a porn actress. . I have no felony convictions. I’ve never been sued or charged with any crime, let alone 90.

No, Trump is not a perfect man. He’s more like a perfect storm, a monsoon of malfeasance.

But that’s not the truly disturbing thing about the meme reproduced above. We know who Trump is.