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The Final Goodbye

Photo by The New York Public Library on Unsplash

Tears streamed through my eyes, as she clutched on tightly to my left palm. Her breathing were getting heavier with every passing second, as she struggled to mutter her final words. I hesitantly stroked her soft delicate cheeks to calm her down as she suffered in excruciating pain.

“Pass on this note to Henry….” she wept.

I grabbed the note and gave her a reassuring look.

Make sure he gets it…”she struggled to say as she panted heavily . I could only see the look of desperation in her eyes.

I met Jane while we were in high-school. We shared most of our classes together. We were the best of friends but were still very competitive in nature, both in sports and academics. Jane was undoubtedly everyone’s favorite. She would not think twice before helping anyone in need. I always admired that quality in her and she found a really good friend in me. I was the one she could trust blindly and I always tried to stand up to her expectation. However, I failed her this time……..

Jane was always smart and kind to any being. Her eyes were always a reflection of her soul. However, her cheerful sparkling blue eyes were now shadowed with pain, misery and grief. Her enthusiastic personality was possessed by a lifeless being as she lay helplessly on the wrinkled bed and wrestled desperately for her life.

I wept in agony and felt quite helpless in those final moments. All I wish for is just another chance to tell her how special she was to me.



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