The free world has fallen, Long Live the Resistance

Muhammad Fakharuddin
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4 min readDec 29, 2023


Photo by Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash

I am a common man, living in a slumber somewhere; minding my business and shepherding my daily chores, and never thought would be writing this 3 months back.

Then something happened, things changed and here we are more than 20,000 deaths ( and counting) in the conflict between Israel ( and its master in the US) and Hamas. Not sure how it will end but one cannot expect Hamas to win; which means savagery will continue with the well-oil war machinery of the US empire which has perfected itself in destruction after orchestrating 80 coups and interventions, with good media propaganda, and confused and divided citizens.

The USA is pumping almost 10 million dollars each day, of its population's hard-earned tax money into a foreign country, that has free health care, subsidized education, and better quality food while its citizens have one of the most expensive medical systems and people struggling to get an education and struggling with homelessness issue.

But yes who cares when citizens are busy fighting and not aware of how they are being manipulated into different boxes and groups?

If one looks up Free World on Wikipedia this is what comes up

The term refers more broadly to all liberal democracies collectively,[3] as opposed to authoritarian regimes such as communist states.[4] It has traditionally primarily been used to refer to the countries allied and aligned with the United States, the European Union, and NATO. The term “leader of the free world” has been used to imply symbolic and moral leadership, and was mostly used during the Cold War about the president of the United States.

What broadly people think of the free world is a set of democracies, that promote free speech, and free thought, considerably have evolved to be moral. Respect International law, help resolve conflict; maintain peace around the world, and generally a source of good.

But wait, as images start to appear of bombs dropping, and sheer brutality of bodies blowing up, babies crying and shaking; when Israel's minister starts to say, “human animals” and we are light, and they are darkness ….

For a common Westerner, with some sense of consciousness, it is horrible, it’s just a why? moment. They start to question, and read the history of this conflict, trying to find any rational motive for all the madness, but fail to do so.

It’s not a movie scene or a video game transpiring in front of our eyes. Palestinians are real, breathing people; they are not different species. They have emotions, memories, and dreams. They are like us and have noses, eyes, and hands. Then why we cannot stop bombing them?

As protests started to erupt around the globe and calls to Congressman; banners and Palestinian flags started to show up to call for a ceasefire; which is as simple as a phone call to Netanyahu; but no there are justifications, disinformation, and misinformation from the people of power; the media house as if they are living in a bubble or blind and deaf or has become the animal they wish they want to be.

For a conscious person, guilt and introspection appear to happen, especially for Westerners, cracks start to appear in all the values that the West has been so proud of morality, enlightenment, progress, ethics, human freedom, free speech, and democracy. Where are they?

As if they do not exist or they exist in a matrix that is giving a false sense of greatness; which has been broken and they are still living in the land of savages where Mongols ride on horseback with a sword. And the dream that we live in an open free society is all a lie, a blatant lie!!

The question remains, do we want to live free in a world closer to truth or die telling lies to ourselves and our children?

the Resistance, are people of consciousness, who have been awakened from a deep sleep and do not want to live with all the lies of false exceptionalism and consumerism (they are sold into) and no longer want to be ruled by authoritarian regimes and the status quo; the head of which is the US; which is a two-party dictatorship run by Capitalist.

But the same authoritarianism in some shape and form is applied in different countries (like Saudia, China, and Russia) to control the masses.

People are no longer willing to live in fear and numbness, which they have been long trained into; now they can see through the deception that Capitalist elites have woven around them and media and government play to their tune to keep the propaganda going. they are all pillars of the same evil axis.

Resistance will need to unite and dismantle and stop the Western hegemony and government from causing more destruction across the world; they cannot let their tax money be served to other countries to cause more destruction and colonization; but demand that money should be spent on improving their lives and help their fellow human being; they cannot let the evil axis continue.

Also, they need to imagine a world, run by Love, Compassion, and Justice, instead of being governed by Capitalist elites, who live a life by selling more weapons and wars to the world.