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The Fresh-Off-the-Boat Approach to Networking

What I’ve learned from starting fresh and not knowing anybody on 3 different continents

Photo by Jose Antonio Jiménez Macías on Unsplash

The FOB Golden Rules

Golden rule 1: Don’t expect it all to happen in a day

Golden rule 2: Be curious

The Fresh-off-the-Boat Blueprint

1. Become a “yes” (wo)man

2. Never go into a conversation with an agenda

3. Never Eat Alone

4. Play sport, start hobbies

5. LinkedIn can work wonders if you do it right

Start Right Now

FOB Networking in a Nutshell:



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Mark 'Addy' Atkinson

Career accountant turned VC imposter. I write for young professionals at and use Medium to talk about what I’m currently learning.