The Grandmaster of Procrastination

A comic saga of my art of delaying


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If there were an award for the best procrastinator of the year, you’d find me standing proudly on the podium, clutching that trophy like it’s the crown jewel. I am 200% convinced that I am the undisputed champion of procrastination.
So, let’s get into this epic tale of my laziness, overthinking, and the bizarre art of never getting things done on time.

Procrastination and overthinking are like the Batman and Robin of wasting time. If you're a pro at one, you've probably mastered the other. And guess who's the superhero in this story?
Yours truly, of course.

Every week, I set grand plans to complete all my pending work over the weekend. As Friday night turns into Saturday morning, I'm on cloud nine.
Two glorious days to conquer the world, or so I thought. But here's where the madness begins.

Instead of indulging into work right away, I decide to celebrate my impending productivity. I treat myself to a Netflix binge or a good book, thinking I deserve it. And then, the ultimate betrayal of my intentions happens— I hibernate.
I snooze away until Saturday evening.

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By the time I finally come into my senses, I realize I've wasted half of my precious weekend. I must shower, eat, and venture outside to buy essentials. Then, the fun part starts, I start thinking what to begin with. I can spend hours deciding.

Naturally, I repeat the same routine on Sunday. It's only by Sunday evening that I summon the courage to start on my mountain of tasks. I begin writing or tackle some long-overdue studies.
By this point, I've completed about 1 or 2 tasks out of the 10 I planned to conquer.

That's when the epiphany hits me like a ton of bricks over my head!
Why didn't I start this fascinating task sooner? But, alas, it's too late. Monday creeps in, announcing its arrival with the sunlight streaming through my window.

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I find myself in the same old cycle, berating myself for my laziness and welcoming the week with a grumpy face, again! And there you have it— the never-ending loop of my life.

But wait, that's just the tip of the procrastination iceberg.
I have a treasure trove of other talents to share.
However, my dear readers, a word of caution: do not attempt to mimic my ways unless you aspire to be a charming mess, much like yours truly. Trust me, it's an art form.

So, embrace the chaos, but don't forget to laugh at yourself along the way.
After all, life's too short to be serious all the time, especially when you're as wickedly talented at procrastination as I am!

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