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The Great Reset or A Great Purge?

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London. Our beautiful, great city reopened last month and in spite of the lingering winter (we are back in single digits at night), we briefly basked in blazing sunshine and well-deserving warm temperatures. This much-awaited reopening means that friends can chat over coffee, sat down in a cafe, grandparents and grandchildren can finally feel free to mingle and hug, and after-work drinks or dinners become the norm again. It has been a long third lockdown, and my tweens are finally mask-free in classroom settings.

We managed a trip to central London over the half-term holidays, and what we witnessed was telling of people’s psyche: a sense of freedom married with a sense of anguish. Simply put, Londoners got fed up with restricted lives and want to get on doing what we always enjoyed doing. The tube was busy, busier than Summer 2020. All the cafes along the banks of the River Thames were heaving, music was blasting, and everyone was basking in sheer oblivion of this pandemic.

Sadly, that very evening, our imminent scientists warned us all about the possibility of a third wave, with the rapid rise of the delta variant. Suddenly, this silent rift in opinions opened as some people have become more vocal about their beliefs. To vaccinate or not is the current big debate for many souls and anti-vaxers it feels, have become even more vocal about their stances, going as far as referring to several controversial or discredited public figures. I feel one ought to understand the fears around the programme but one hopes that in time better and educated decisions will be made by most. The internet is a great source of valid information but also a bank for misinformation.

We are seeing many positive effects of the British rollout but perhaps it is far early into the study to be absolutely conclusive. Science is a black and white game, and every little detail counts. But sadly, I feel that many refuse to face the science and prefer to vocalise their truths about the mishaps in the rollouts. We have had several casualties and one can understand the fear around the side effects. After all, this is a new vaccine. My issue does not lie with this, it lies with the vitriolic rhetoric against the majority who have opted for the inoculation programme. Hopefully, we will see more conclusive and positive results with time, but for the time being, we are witnessing or living in opacity.

Personally, I would much rather hear about discussions on how to restart our battered economies, rather than conspiracy theories. I would much rather talk about how to uplift mentally challenged people rather than blame authorities or governments. It does often feel that we have lost a whole sense of proportion as we are in very much unchartered territories. We have this insatiable urge to find logic, and yet some would refuse to listen to the voices of scientific logic. Personally, I cannot see any logic in being aggressive against science or health care or being in denial of the reality that we are in a worldwide pandemic. Ultimately, perhaps our quest to find answers for everything stems from fear, the very fear that often keeps us in survival mode, but not allowing us to face life in a more serene way.

Of course, the rhetoric of some has changed from denial to avoidance, both creating hysteria around a worldwide sanitary crisis. We hear of anti-big Pharma rhetorics by some, perhaps the very ones who would happily pop a painkiller for their headaches, whilst ignoring the potential long-term side effects of these over-the-counter pills. Is it worth going hysterical as potentially we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel? No government or authority is great, everyone it seems is functioning in trial and error. To me, this is what we are living through: trial and error, and somehow our logical brain cannot process this. Are we able to purge ourselves from needing to find logic and reason in everything?

Is it time for us to purge our fixed minds and accept our fear of the unknown? Agreed, this is rather hard for us, but perhaps adopting a softer approach in life can help to create space for fully embracing our journeys. Is it time for us to purge ourselves from misinformation or from information overload, whilst just carry on living within the new norms? I was recently asked why would I still wear a mask despite being vaccinated. It is perhaps out of selfless respect as I would hope to protect people around me. I apply the same logic to the vaccine: it cannot protect me at 100 percent, but it reduces the risk of developing complications and hospitalisation. Ultimately, it is risk mitigation that hopefully helps us to eventually achieve herd immunity. We still have a long way to go, but let’s keep faith that better lies ahead.

In this vein, I wish you all good health and a peaceful 6 months. What a year has 2021 been so far and I feel that we have more surprises in store. Our Homo Sapiens brains thrive on guesswork. Is it time to purge this or perhaps accept we cannot always foretell what life has in store for us.

Sending you all much light.




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