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The hardest lesson learned in my early 20s is applicable for a lifetime:

Rising from the dark periods is responsible:

Various incidents come that put death in front of me Throughout my life. It doesn’t mean I dried physically. Some scenarios of life muffled my cries and forced me to delude myself. I felt alone in the dark days. Even best friends become worse enemies and laugh at my flaws.

The hardest lesson I’ve learnt in my life is It’s my responsibility if pain hurts me.

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If I want to break the rules and follow the path of my choice, I should need a hand. The fazed and emotional toll comes on everyone’s life. It assaults the same if you choose the path of comfort as you be with yourself.

I don’t know if you’re a believer or not. I believe in God and the supernatural. If you purpose strick the walls of comfort play zone, that is what we need.

It’s all up to you to select yourself, not others. If you’re alone, things seem difficult. Once you consider that God is with you, then miracles can happen. Your motive to stay with yourself squeezes a supernatural power inside your mind that you out of the crowd.

Psychologists for several years make it crystal clear that every successful person has dark periods in life.

These dark periods allow them to build up resilience to face life challenges. Besides, depression forces us to reaccess our lives. Your dark past builds you to find new possibilities in the current situation.

Why it’s hard for me to take responsibility?

I always fail to find the ways that lead toward my dream. I have no discipline and plan to achieve a single milestone towards my goals.

People around me were bewildered about my choices. I felt back several times due to various hypocritical events.

I lost my job. My worrying point is, People around me pour cold water over my weak flame of hope.

After that, I baptize myself with the oath of self-truth. I show justice with my account. God bless me with the power of Rumination. The life purpose is intriguing that every scold seems meaningless to me.




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