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The Horizon

Uncertainty and Full of Wonder

Photo by Susan Cipriano on Pixabay

I like to dry out in the sun
Cause I enjoy life when the sun rises
More than staying up late
With the darkness, with my eyes that can’t see
With my ignorance of what is in front of me
But I was born from that place
Growing up and making friends with uncertainty
I always grew up hesitating about my steps
For me, the darkness is my real self which is covered by a very thick dust
I used to walk without seeing
Shout out thinking someone’s there
Worry about every new sound
Then ask anyone for help
But I was born from it
So, should I hate it?
Because I’m scared

©2021 Raja Lubis All Rights Reserved



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Raja Lubis

Raja Lubis

Leaving notes, but occasionally writing about insects