The Illusion of the “Free” and “Objective” Press

From corporate owners to self-censorship, the press does not operate freely but rather propagates the interests of the ruling class




Terms such as “post-truth” have been thrown around recently as have other phrases like “fake news” which give the impression that these issues are a recent phenomenon. This could not be further from the truth. Our “free” press has never been so; the opinions that dominate the airways are entirely subjective, censored, and manipulated by a moneyed and political class.

The Lie of Objectivity

A term I am more than certain you have all heard of is objectivity. It is a phrase media outlets love to proclaim. “We are objective in our reporting and hold no biases”. But this professed objectivity is tremendously misleading. As journalists are already engaging in subjective reporting while deciding what story is worthy of air time and what is not. The way events are viewed depends greatly upon your positionality and the dominant political and social beliefs of the time, therefore total objectivity is simply impossible.

Many of the institutions and sectors — including business, education, recreational, cultural — are owned by a corporate elite resulting in leading…