The Lessons I Learned Four Years Ago Are Even More Meaningful Today

And I Can’t Believe We Are Here Again

Danell teNyenhuis Black


Photo by Jose M on Unsplash

I joined Medium in 2020, during the pandemic and around the time George Floyd was murdered. I was at the end of my education as a Professional Clinical Counselor, and I was re-examining my views on politics and social justice. Writing was a great way to work through my changing opinions.

As a white woman with a conservative religious upbringing, there was a lot to examine. When I stumbled across the Progressively Speaking publication, I knew it was the perfect place to share my story. I was excited when they accepted me as a writer and even more excited when Medium chose my story for curation, which enabled more readers to find it.

The story, I Didn’t Think I Was Racist When I Voted for Trump. Then I Woke Up. is still my most viewed and highest-earning story. I am happy I wrote it, even though I suspect it damaged some of my relationships.

I have never been particularly political, and as a counselor, I shy away from being controversial or political in public. However, I can put my beliefs aside and focus on my clients. I can be human and have my own views when I'm not with a client.

I do my best writing when I am passionate about something. And I am passionate about…