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The Magic of the Photography

It was like entering a time machine

For me the best invention of the world was the photography. I am absolutely fascinated by old photos. Not only pictures of my family, our photos from childhood, but from some city I even don’t know. I love pictures from the beginning of the last century, in short, from anybody, anywhere. I also enjoy to see how people dressed on those times. A scene full of life captured by a machine capable of eternizing that moment of more than a century is something that amazes me!I think it’s just fantastic!

But what I really want to talk is about the tragedy that happens when a photo is lost. I’ve already read that when the Palace II building collapsed in Rio in 1998, people said that they felt most was the fact that they had lost the family photos, wedding photos, birth of children photos, all photos. That was they talked about most. At that time there was still no internet here or people did not have access yet.

When we had that great flood here where I live, almost the whole city was under water. I have heard reports of people who were deeply depressed because they lost everything, but mainly the photos of their children when they were kids. Imagine what this represents for an elderly woman who looked at the pictures of the young children on the nightstand in her bedroom. Losing photos is tragedy, it’s like losing reference.

And there was a reverse episode with us. We won pictures we had never seen. I explain: already in my forties, we had a wonderful surprise. While cleaning his trays, my father discovered an envelope with many negatives from those ones. When looking against the light, we recognized our countless already old photos, but there were a lot of them we didn’t! We had never seen them!They were unpublished photos. My parents couldn’t explain why they were not revealed. I ran to the photographer and what was our emotion when contemplating incredible photos of us children for the first time. It was like entering a time machine. A priceless gift!



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Misa Ferreira de Rezende

I write because the world enchants me, death frightens me and life amazes me. I am a writer. “About me” stories