The Meaning Of Double-Headed Eagle Holds Many Secrets

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3 min readOct 17, 2020
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The double-headed eagle is one of the significant symbols you will encounter in history. Thousands of years ago, it was used by Turks, Romans, and many other empires as a sign of power and dominion. The meaning of double-headed eagle holds many secrets and has a forgotten story. What is the double-headed eagle then? Which secret meanings does it keep?

I will not linger and unveil its hidden meaning right away because it will require an in-depth explanation anyway. In short, it symbolizes the Representative of God on Earth.

The double-headed eagle is a bird believed to transmit the messages it received from God in the sky to the kings and people on Earth by traveling back and forth in the Tree of Life, which was the path between the heavens and Earth.

It was believed to serve as the representative and messenger of the Holy Creator, the source of everything in the universe. According to the belief systems with a Sky Deity, the Double-Headed Eagle was the entity with the greatest spiritual power after God, as God’s archangel.

Being double-headed is an indication of dualistic thinking. In all doctrines and belief systems of Eastern origin, everything in the universe is believed to have a dualistic nature. It is the polarity that gives birth to movement in every field imaginable.

The existence relies on the interdependence and intertwinement of the opposites. In Heavenly Religions, everything except God is of dualistic nature, and this rule applies even to the representative of God. The Almighty God is One and All without a beginning and an end.

The Double-Headed Eagle symbolizes both material and spiritual powers working together. One of the heads symbolizes the material world; in other words, the real physical power, The other head symbolizes the spiritual, divine protective power. Two heads are also believed to be the symbols of power and justice.

According to the Sky Deity belief, the Double-Headed Eagle was also the symbol of domination of the kings and khans. The source of their legitimacy was believed to come from God. Therefore, it was…



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