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The mega-trap of capitalist consumerism

Have you ever look at somebody with a new car, and be like, oh boy, I wish I had that car. Or you see someone with the new iPhone and realize that you are still using a beat-up 2-year-old phone. You think buying a car or a phone would make you happy. It won’t. It will just make you want more, and more, and more. There is no ultimate satisfaction in materialism and superficial things. There is always, always something better.

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Our modern day society might be one of the most superficial societies in history. Consumerism and marketing work on the basic principle of making people want more. That’s how the capitalists stay in business. By making you believe that the only way you can be happy, is getting more and more. The more you want, the more you will buy, the more money they will get. And consumerism and capitalism is all about money.

Materialism highlights what you do not have, not what you do have.

Living with materialism is living with wist and regret. Why don’t I have a better computer than him? Why is my face uglier than hers? All of these superficial things focus on what you do not have, hence making you wistful and unhappy. Being accepting of what you have and not living in wist and regret for material desires that won’t even matter in the long run will make your life much easier. Who cares if he has a better phone? Who cares if she’s prettier? Does not affect my life at all.

Adopting minimalism will help you in identifying what you actually want in life. Of course, living in a consumer cultured world, you will have desires, and that’s all right. Having materialistic and superficial desires is all right, until you start basing you life around them. When you base your life values about money, getting drunk, partying, and other materialistic things, that’s when you fall into the trap of consumerism and materialism.

It is a simple paradox. The more you want, the more unhappy you will be — because wanting more highlights you do not have. On the other hand, being satisfied with less will keep you happy — as you will not wist for the things you do not have. Being a minimalist is seen as a kind of a failure in the consumerist-capitalist culture. Consumerism promotes something like this :

More money → More success →More happiness

Whereas happiness can be found everywhere. Doing a job you love, working on something you have a passion about, helping someone, hanging out with friends, solving your own problems — these things give you more happiness than making a truckload of money. Being financially stable is extremely important, but that does not mean you need to base your life around monetary desires.

Avoid basing your life around materialistic desires, and find happiness in doing what you love the most. Don’t fall in the trap of consumerist capitalism. Discover yourself and your purpose.

Thanks for reading!
Live your life with a purpose.
Arsh Mathur
August 2021



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