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The miracle of micro-business

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It is nothing new

The new micro business

The benefits of running a micro business

  • Generally more affordable to start up
  • Less competition when in a niche market
  • Focused on a precise service/product offering
  • Skills honed to create a better business
  • More accessible to market and target ideal clients
  • Passions will shine through
  • Better customer service
  • Better customer satisfaction
  • Ease of collaboration with other micro-businesses
  • Little or no need to employ staff
  • Can be run from home or a small space

Microbusiness operators

  • They are likely to be standouts in their field
  • Consumers are likely to be keen followers of their social media, or they may be a local storefront looking after the community.
  • Can steal away market share from the big companies with excellent service and product
  • Maybe a YouTuber
  • Maybe Instagram famous
  • Maybe a school Mum
  • Maybe a school Dad
  • Maybe a blogger
  • Maybe an author
  • Perhaps your lawn mowing person




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