The Most Powerful Question You Can Ask Yourself in Difficult Times

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4 min readMar 28, 2020

This Empowering Question Will Shift the Way You Look at Life When Times Get Tough

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When things don’t go as planned, we have a tendency to play stories of blame in our minds. It’s much easier to point the finger at what’s going on out there than to ask ourselves how we can best respond from within.

Taking responsibility for our lives means that we work on responding with ability as much as we can. While we can’t always have full control over external situations, we can control whether we use our minds to move us forward or to keep us feeling stuck.

When you aren’t sure how to move forward in life, ask yourself this simple question:

“If this situation does not change, what quality must I embody for peace of mind?”

Full credit for this powerful question goes to author and teacher Michael Bernard Beckwith.

The reason this question is so important is that it shifts our focus away from what we can’t control and puts our focus on what we CAN control. It gets us thinking about the actions we can take now to either readjust our course or keep moving in the direction we were headed.

For example, if you are worried about financial security because your work hours have been cut, you may find that cultivating patience and faith in life may be the qualities that would bring you peace of mind.

The great news is that you have exhibited these qualities on many occasions in the past. Remember the last time you didn’t think you would be able to make it through a challenging situation? And here you are — you made it and came out even stronger! Remember when you realized that the time wasn’t quite right to be working on one thing but you could instead spend your time working on another thing? You breathed patience and expanded your skills as a result.

4 Steps to Integrating the Answer Into Your Daily Life:

Whatever quality you identify, think back to a time when you were able to act in alignment with that quality. The situation may have been different — but YOU have always been there. You have always been the source of that…

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