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The Necessity of Purpose

Strive to impact others and have worthwhile goals to pursue to live purposefully

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Often we are met with conviction within ourselves on the purpose of our lives.

Was human life intended or merely the result of chance and evolution?

In the lens of philosophers, theologians, religious leaders, and everyone with a curious mind have discovered or created a dead-end or a worthwhile explanation worth exploring.

Even beyond that question that has been pondered on for thousands of years, when we decide to tie a purpose to our existence we question if it’s sufficient.

What can I do to be more fulfilled?

Am I living up to my highest potential?

Am I using my God-given gifts for the greater good?

All reasonable questions.

No matter your stance or journey in life, you can find comfort in deciding to live a life of value.

A life consisting of doing what you enjoy and helping your fellow man along the way.

This is where purpose lies, in one’s choice to express themselves in the greatest capacity for themselves and others.

To feel satisfied with one’s life they must leave an impact on the lives of others and constantly strive towards a worthy end-goal that benefits others more than themselves.

Purpose requires faith

“And now, after everything, I know this: There is a reason I am here, and that reason is bigger than me. So I will carry on with great faith beyond what I can see, in pursuit of bold courage on the adventure of the journey.” — Morgan Harper Nichols

Faith is a natural instinct, we feel the need to believe or not to believe in something.

Observe the beauty of life, internally and externally, and acknowledge the great works of our Creator.

Have faith in yourself.

Have faith in your abilities and talents.

Have faith that you were created to contribute to the beauty of life.

Faith will get you through the uncertainties in life.

Faith will comfort you during the bad times and elevate you during the good ones.

Faith will alleviate fear and strengthen your purpose.

Faith is necessary for your purpose because it first starts with the belief that your life is meaningful.

What you give to others: value creation

“Giving to others is the greatest gift you can give to yourself.” — Darren Hardy

All that you’ll ever need to fulfill your purpose in life you already possess.

It’s not a matter of who you’ll meet or what you do but who you grow to realize you are.

Growth takes courage and exploration.

Explore all that life has to offer and learn.

Strive to learn and become the best version of yourself. You will be met with lessons rather than failures and growth rather than resistance to change.

Give to others all that you have to offer and do it from a place of love.

Give your advice, share your talents, help where you can, and be a person of positive influence on everyone you meet, even small gestures are impactful. You’ll find that even at the expense of your ego or something you own will be beneficial to others and yourself.

Giving is a never-ending cycle of value creation. When you give your best, tangible, or intangible, there is an undeniable value created given back to you just in the fulfillment of giving to others.

What you leave to others: legacy

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” — Maya Angelou

Life isn’t a lonely journey, or at least it isn’t meant to be.

Relationships are vital to fulfilling your purpose in life.

People need people to feel loved, valued, needed, and sufficient. Without relationships, our purpose in life is empty and driven by self-indulgence that is only temporary gratification.

True gratification is found in yielding your needs and wants for others which in return, sooner or later, fulfill your own.

The greatest thing you can give to others is love.

A positive outlook, words of encouragement, a helping hand, or even a smile can add value and leave a lasting impact on the lives of others.

Your legacy is a part of your purpose that is left with others, within their hearts and minds of how you made them feel.

The ultimate worthwhile goal

”We are built to conquer the environment, solve problems, achieve goals, and find no real satisfaction or happiness in life without obstacles to conquer and goals to achieve.” — Maxwell Maltz

Since the times of the hunter-gatherers, humans have had worthwhile goals to survive.

During that time the goal was to eat and provide for their families. With that determination, humans survived and evolved. Now there’s something more to live for than the next meal. It’s to fulfill a purpose.

Not just exist or survive, but live.

To live is to be meaningful and purpose-driven. To fulfill something that speaks to our souls. Something that we don’t fully understand but play by. It’s an innate Purpose is our souls' way of expression, survival is the means to get us there.

Without deliberate worthwhile goals to strive for, we see no reason to survive or live, but with them, nothing can get in our way from achieving them even when we’re faced with hardships, we find a way when there’s a will.

What is your ultimate worthwhile goal?

Who and or what encourages you every morning to live with purpose?

What is your definite purpose for living?

The most beautiful thing about the questions above is that you decide. You decide your purpose in life by what makes you happy and what serves and fulfills you.


Life without meaning is just existing or surviving. With purpose, we are able to tailor our lives by our standards and do what brings us joy.

We can choose to live a fulfilled life by having a positive impact on others and striving to have worthwhile goals that align with our ultimate purpose in life.



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