The New OGCI Strategy To Reduce CO2 Emissions By 0,1% Before 2050

Crocodile tears for a dying planet…

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The CEOs in the biggest oil and gas companies will reduce their CO2 emissions. The reduction will be 0.5% before we reach 2050. Yes, zero point five percent in total. Most people call such a number nothing. In this setting it is nothing.

It is like telling you I’m sharing my 5 liter magnum bottle of champagne — give you half a teaspoon — drink the rest of it myself and then ask you — if I survived the toxification it has to cause — Did you get pissed?

This is the biggest oil companies COSs plan to contribute for stopping the global warming — so the temperature rise will stay below 1.5 C in 2050.

Oil and gas burning emits 50 billion tons of CO2 to the atmosphere every year. The Oil and Gas Climate Initiative — OGCI — will reduce their emissions during production by 50 million tons yearly — before 2050. It is 0,5%.

Our planet need a reduction in CO2 emissions by at least 5 billion tons every year to keep the global warming below 1,5 C goal in 2050. Yes, I said at least.

I have one recommendation for the COSs who say they took this initiative. Take some education. Learn how to use a calculator. Your decisions prove you learned nothing or skipped your math, chemistry and physics classes.

By the way CEOs…

Did you take an initiative? Is that what you call the pressure on the walls in your companies, a pressure that has been building up through decades.

And I know it also from the inside, since I was on the payroll in one of these companies four decades ago.

Is this what your CEOs was doing when you had no time to answer the phone? Taking an initiative? How come you represent only 30% of the industry?

Honestly, you must have felt that pressure in half a century. Lobbying has often become quite transparent, or are you still sharing secrets with the tobacco industry?

The only way to stop the global warming is to stop the use of fossil fuel. Oil and gas production is a part of this.

This fact has been well known since these CEOs entered the board room…

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Crocodile tears for a dying planet might be the best description for the initiative from these CEOs


This is a better solution for a dying planet, and it will work…

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